QPS6+ Desktop Power Supply for 33 Spaces

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The QPS6+ external power supply provides power for approximately 33 spaces of modules. It is unique in that it offers LINEAR +/- 15V rails in an affordable desktop power supply.  This means clean waveforms throughout your system.

AC input is 110 or 220VAC using a standard 3-prong IEC C13 connector (provided for US customers). 

The QPS6+ uses our standardized DC power connector to provide power directly to our Box11 cabinets, controllers, and our portable Moog expansion cabinets.  Use multiple QIC cables for multiple cabinets or use a QIC-H to power a QDH-20 or QDH-40.

(1) QIC-24 Cable is included.

The QPS6 can also provide power to portable cabinets or studio cabinets using a Q103 DC Power Module.