Walnut Studio Systems

Beautiful, pre-configured, yet customizable. With 22-, 44-, 66-, 88-, even 110-Space systems available, we have a studio system for everyone.

MP Wrote: I just received my Studio 44. What a beautiful machine! I can't wait to start making music with it. Thank you for packing it so well. It easily withstood the trip from Texas to Canada.

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Box11 Systems

Box11 cabinets allow you to go from essential to eccentric. Our unique design allows stacking in many different configurations.

Select from our pre-configured systems or dream up your own. Add a touch of class with our walnut sides or drop into our foldable, patch-and-go cabinet to take on the road.

► For the studio or live performances
► As small or as large as you want
► Stack cabinets in unlimited configurations

MG Wrote: My first modular purchase was a Box11E. Just got my second with a 960 Sequencer, Thank You Santa!

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Portable Systems

Portable systems offer rugged construction along with the
flexibility only a modular can provide. Available in several
standard configurations, or create your own.
► 11 and 22-space cabinets
► Strong MDF (Fiberboard) construction
► Rugged Vinyl/Metal Hardware
► For the studio or live performances
► Control with MIDI or Pitch/Gate signals
► Optional hinges and latches, and lids

MW Wrote: Just got my portable 33 with optional lids. Travels well, looks great, built like a tank.

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Moog Expansion Systems

Moog Expansion cabinets are designed to go along with Moog portable cabinets - vintage or modern.

Add modern features to your Moog modular such as a MIDI interface and quantizer, or just expand with extra oscillators, filters and mixers.

► Internal harness powers up to 8 Synthesizers.com modules.
► Matching lid and module mounting screws included
► Modules and power source sold separately.
► Back panel has our standard external DC power connector.
► Wrapped in Moog style vinyl
► Moog inspired hardware

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Rack Systems

Rack systems are built with our standard 19" rack frames,each being 5U high and providing eight module spaces.

► Strong all-metal construction
► 5U tall, 8 module spaces wide
► Module and frame screws included
► User must provide rack and enclose power supply
► Select a standard configuration or build your own

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