The Q175 MIDI Interface Aid module operates in conjunction with the Q174 MIDI Interface module to provide additional MIDI connectivity features, an Arpeggiator and Portamento (glide between notes). A MIDI Thru output and an additional MIDI input gives the user many options to connect multiple external devices to the Q174/Q175 module pair. Multiple controllers producing Note On and Note Off messages along with Pitch Bend messages can be combined to control a single channel of Pitch and Gate outputs, two channels using Mode 2, or CC messages using Mode 3.
The Arpeggiator automatically cycles through notes that are held down. The operator has complete control over the cycling rate using the manual speed control, or it can be driven from an external clock to synchronize with sequencers and other devices. The manual Gate Width control determines the length of each note, or it can be controlled by the width of the pulse at the Clock input.
Direction of the pattern can be selected Up, Down or Up/Down, and changed in real-time.
The pattern can include just the notes being held, or those notes plus the next octave up.
Portamento (Glide) provides a gradual transition between notes as they change. Speed of the glide can be controlled manually as well as the curve type - Linear or Exponential.

Q175 MIDI Interface Aid

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