Q105 Slew Limiter

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The Q105 Slew Limiter is used to limit the change in a signal. This function is sometimes referred to as 'Glide', 'Glissando', 'Lag Processing', or 'Portamento'. The amount of limitation is set by a front panel control.

Use the Slew Limiter as a portamento control by routing the keyboard's pitch control voltage through the Limiter then to an oscillator. Use the Slew Limiter as an 'AR' (Attack, Release) envelope generator by patching in a square wave from the keyboard gate, oscillator or sequencer to control an amplifier or filter.

A switch selects which edge is limited - rising, falling or both. A manual push button allows the operator to disable the module's function and a jack provides a way to enable/disable using an external signal or a foot switch (useful for portamento control). An LED indicator shows enabled/disabled status.