The Q106 Oscillator is the foundation of any synthesizer providing the basic waveforms used to construct sounds. With a total range of .05hz to 20kHz+, the Q106 operates as a powerful audio oscillator and a full-featured LFO.
  • Precise tracking with temperature compensation
  • Pure analog circuitry
  • Rock solid stability
  • Sine, triangle, saw, ramp, pulse outputs
  • 2 fixed 1V/Octave control inputs and 1 variable
  • Variable linear control input
  • Manual and voltage controlled pulse width (PWM)
  • Quick, precise range switching
  • Hard sync
  • Add soft sync, waveform switching, inversion and attenuating with the Q141 Aid module
  • Add waveform mixing with the Q161 Mixer module
CRS - The Q106 now includes the CRS (Calibrated Range Switch) which use to be optional.
Q106 Oscillator

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