Roger's Thoughts on the Moog Modular

In January of 2015, Moog Music announced they will produce a limited quantity of modular systems that are faithful recreations of the original. Here are my thoughts for those interested in the synthesizer world and those considering a purchase. I'll do the best I can to offer a fair assessment. Your input is welcome.
- Roger Arrick

Visit Moog Music's web site.

My history begins with Switched-on-Bach and Bob Moog in the late 60s. Most had heroes like Batman and Roger Staubach, but my hero was Bob. As a kid, I was fascinated by these giant machines and the wonderful sounds a skilled operator could make with them. The cool part was being able to build your own instrument by adding modules wherever you wanted, and building sound from the ground up. It wasn't just the patch-ability, modularity was a big part of it. Delightfully nerdy during a time way before nerdism was cool. No other product that I knew of except LEGO and Erector gave me this freedom and possibility.

The big problem was, these machines were out of reach for me, a mere mortal, due to their cost, as much as a fancy car or even a small house. I never was able to even see a Moog modular in person. They were owned by rich artists and large universities.

I never stopped longing for a modular synthesizer, even through adulthood. In the 90's, even though my career was in electronics manufacturing but not in the music industry, I sat out to build and offer a modular synthesizer as a product. That's a long journey with lots of details, but in a nutshell, my goal was to solve the age-old problem of accessibility to modular synthesizers by getting the price point right. I knew there was a chance I was the only one in the world who wanted this, but I later learned there were many of us. In 1999, after 3 years of work, the very first production batches were ready.

I looked long and hard at reproducing exact replicas of the Moog Modular system. It seemed logical. Why not, it's what I always wanted. But then reality sat in. After careful study I learned some unsettling things. The Moog systems used switch-triggers to fire envelope generators. These switch triggers had unusual connectors that couldn't be patched along with other signals.

Another thing that bothered me even as a kid was the half-sized modules. Look closely at a Moog modular and you'll see them across the bottom. I loved the idea of modularity but those half-sized modules couldn't be moved to other locations. And some of them were hard wired to special connectors in the back and to other modules. The more I thought about it, the more I realized this had to be resolved.

Digging into the circuits I found some surprising things. I'd heard stories that Bob designed some of the modules using obsolete transistors he bought at an auction for a good price. Some modules used obscure chips that hadn't been made in 25 years and could never be replaced. Maintainability was very important to my thinking. That had to be right.

And I started reading stories about users constantly battling tuning issues. These are things I didn't. They worried me. A user shouldn't have to fight that.

Then there was the power system - it's an asymmetrical setup with +12 volts and -6 volts. This reduces headroom and makes from some other awkward design compromises. On top of that, it used an unnecessarily bulky card edge power connector.

There are a few more things and you can read about the differences between a modular and a Moog modular on the comparison page. Suffice to say, I had to rethink my plan and decide whether to create perfect copies, or build a next generation modular, keeping the good stuff and improving on the old. Some things I love about the Moog are the panel sizes and the special dual-dotted knobs, those things I kept, no question, but switch triggers had to go, the power supply had to be made better, parts had to be accessible, and the tuning issue had to be fixed. The sound - it had to be there too.

More than all that, it had to be affordable or what's the point? Who cares if I build a great system that nobody can have? This is where my regular day-job came in handy. Building electronics for decades gave me the tools and insight to create something that worked, sounded right, was build-able, and could be made at a reasonable price.

Here I am 15 years later, living right in the middle of this era of modular synth rebirth. I really had no idea but just let the wave carry me along. Happily, I found thousands with the same passion, and so many young people - it makes me smile. This whole thing has surprised me and blessed me beyond measure. Cup runneth over bla bla bla.

But this modular firestorm has been burning since the 90s. I figured Moog would jump on for the ride but they hadn't, until now. At first, everyone was in shock, my customers, me, and my employees. What's going to happen? After a flood of postings on our facebook group and forums all over Synthesizerdom, I took the advice of many synth market watchers and realized that Moog's entry is basically good for everyone, even It's a perfectly natural and logical thing, even if temporary. It's confirmation for all of us. And indeed, I've been contacted by many new customers and even sold some systems to those who have been inspired by the Moog announcement. This is good.

I'm not sure how relevent this really is, but this whole thing reminds me a lot of the personal computer market around 1982. Then, PCs were popular but people were unsure. It wasn't until the IBM PC was introduced that people became confident and jumped on the bandwagon. Really, it helped everyone, the customers AND the builders.

So, the next question is, should you buy a Moog Modular or buy a or some other modular. This question is for you to decide. I'm fully willing to let my customers, my reputation, my machines, and the market decide, I always have been. I've learned that if I pay attention to making good products, to keep stock, to respond to customers and do the right thing, then everything just works. If you're looking for an answer, you will find it. All I ask is that you consider everything - functionality, sound, affordability, maintainability, customer service, etc. Browse the forums, ask users, make your choice. Whatever you decide, that's fine with me, I salute you.


When Moog's announcement first happened, I posted it on the facebook forum to get opinions. This posting got more responses than even those on the Moog forum. Here it is, unedited.

Marc Doty Get ready, Roger. I think you're going to be hearing "why not 
just buy a more powerful system for that kind of 
price?" a lot. January 19 at 10:51am - Like - 29 

Mark A. Sykes My initial thought is I can get the below for about 
$26,000 less: January 19 at 10:51am - Like - 11 

Roger Arrick In my FAQ, there is an explanation of the differences 
between a system and the Moog modular. It's the 2nd 
question in the PRODUCT QUESTIONS category January 19 at 10:51am - Like - 7 - 
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Mark A. Sykes My second thought is Moog might consider licensing some 
modules through You could make an excellent authorized 
product, and both companies would benefit. January 19 at 10:52am - Like 
- 2 

Dana Countryman Just left a note on the Muffwigglers FB page. I agree 
with Guido, who says that only folks rich enough will go this route. 
It's cool that Moog is doing this, but and a lot of 
other synth makers are way ahead of the curve. This is not going to 
impact small manufacturers in any major way, IMHO. I'll put that $35,000 
into retirement. I already have a world class synth. January 19 at 
10:54am - Edited - Like - 14 

Jacopo Monegato interesting. From a (trustworthy) source most of them 
were already sold before the announcement. The only thing i'm thinking 
about is: what about your moog clones (sequencer, right?) and other 
clone makers, like moon modular? Will you be allowed to produce them now 
that moog is reissuing the modules? January 19 at 10:55am - Like 

Dana Countryman Ah, Roger's more clever than that... I happen to know 
that he designed completely new circuits, and probably IMPROVED on the 
original Moog designs... January 19 at 10:57am - Like - 8 

Robin Benjamins I just saw this and ran over to Moog's website and was 
quite happy to see it. But two things popped out: 1) they appear to be 
faithful reproductions of the 60's originals, which might replicate some 
of the undesirable aspects, and 2) they are a bit pricy. But very glad 
to see Moog coming back to its roots. It should help boost interest in modulars.|By Roger Arrick January 19 at 2:10pm - Edited - Like - 
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I am Orami I am happy January 19 at 10:59am - Like 

Glenn Lawhon Me too but I would order a dotcom instead..... January 19 
at 11:00am - Like - 1 

Adrien Duchemole why are they so expensive ? it's complete madness 
honestly, what's the point buying at such a price these instruments when 
you can have same sound and great quality building by buying Mos Lab 
systems ?? January 19 at 11:05am - Like - 2 

Calle Olsson Too few, too expensive. January 19 at 11:17am - Like - 2 
Joe Ponce Awesome! January 19 at 11:17am - Like 

Federico S�nchez I hope they sell individual modules to mix them up with 
my DotCom. January 19 at 11:18am - Like - 2 

Airyc Creiner Better prices than what Modusonics was aasking for (14k 
for system 15; 35 for sys 35, 55 for sys 55). Roger, I think it is more 
appropriate to ask what are YOUR thoughts haha January 19 at 11:18am - 
Like - 2 

Dustin Sedlacek They will all be picked up. The moog sound is solid and 
works well in top end studio settings. January 19 at 11:20am - Like 

Lutz Bojasch This is not a option for me, to expensive, much to 
expensive. I'm doing reputable work and we all know, what this means 
January 19 at 11:21am - Like - 2 

Barrie Damarell I'm completely happy with my studio 66 and not in a 
million years could either afford or justify the purchase of a Moog 
modular. I'm sure I'm not alone in this. January 19 at 11:23am - Like - 

Ritchie DeCarlo I have been in music retail for the past 15 years. The 
people who buy $10,000.00 guitars do not play them. This MOOG Modular 
will be selling to that same guy...... Unfortunately. January 19 at 
11:24am - Like - 5 

Nicolas Guichard Today moog makes only synths that have failures 
repeatedly, poorly designed, and overpriced. personally, I had the 
minitaur, the slim phatty, the voyager and the subphatty, and I've 
quickly all resold as soon as I had my portable 44 now 
I am happy and I say: thanks Roger Arrick January 19 at 11:24am - Like - 

Mikel Zwissler I think it's pretty awesome, personally. I'd bet most of 
those sales went to folks that already have impressive MU systems. I 
don't think this scales to $10k guitars. It's only about 4x the price of 
similar MU rigs. I'd say this is like "custom shop" $2-$3k guitars. Not 
going to be anything but good for January 19 at 
11:27am - Like 

Jester Glass I was really hoping for something marketed toward mortals. 
January 19 at 11:27am - Like 

Gabriele Gasparotti my choice will be January 19 at 
11:27am - Like 

Craig Skomski I think I can't afford that and no amount of sweet talking 
the wife is gonna make it happen. January 19 at 11:28am - Like 

James Simpson These things are a PITA to build for a company like moog, 
they build them as limited projects for fun. To keep the heritage. There 
might be a spin off product that is cheaper and more mass marketable 
down the line but this isn't too bad considering what you get. January 
19 at 11:29am - Like 

James Simpson For the rest of us theres already a TON of great modular 
options out there. Let's not all be upset because it doesn't have that 
badge on it. January 19 at 11:29am - Like - 2 

AJ Gapsevic Roger Arrick, I don't think Facebook was around when you 
first designed your company, but with the auto link generated when 
typing in your company, , you are getting SOOO much 
free advertising right now. You might want to hire a few more people to 
start building modules. January 19 at 11:31am - Like - 4 - Remove 

Simple Nomad The one positive about this announcement from Moog is that 
it will help increase a little more awareness for modular systems in the 
modern world. Other than that it is priced like one would expect from 
Moog, and I can't see anyone but the richest synth snobs going after it. 
January 19 at 11:31am - Like 

Nathan Kampf For that price lol... Get a buchla system 7 = the end 
January 19 at 11:31am - Like - 2 

David Robbins Unless you are concerned with brand name, why would you 
ever buy a Moog at that price point when Dotcom exists? Diminishing returns - 
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia In economics, diminishing returns (also 
called law of... January 19 at 11:32am - Like - 1 - 
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James Simpson Because you are concerned with the brand name January 19 
at 11:33am - Like - 1 

Airyc Creiner These prices are better than vintage prices it seems. 
Modulation wise they are primitive, but timbre wise they will sound 
exceptional. January 19 at 11:33am - Like 

Justin Hamline Do they have a payment plan? Aspiring artist can't afford 
that. Only the rich can afford that. Its been my dream to own one of 
those and thats all it will ever be. Just a dream. January 19 at 11:33am 
- Like 

Roger Arrick I expected this 10 years ago. Actually, I figured Moog 
would buy me out, they could have for the price of a handful of their 
systems and controlled much of the MU market. Then I could get back to 
robotics and genealogy and cars and other stuff I do. Meanwhile, I will 
stand my ground and provide affordable modulars for the masses and the 
best customer service I can, while the rest party at NAMM I am fully 
prepared to let the market decide my destiny, always have been. BTW, I 
have a new catalog about to mail, some new modules in the works and 
doing video tutorials for each module. All is well in Synthesizerdom 
January 19 at 11:34am - Like - 50 

Dave Cameron I hope Bob Moog is pleased. January 19 at 11:36am - Like - 

Airyc Creiner Well said, Roger Arrick. I had a modusonics 921a osc 
driver intending on building up to a system 15, but he went awol in 2009 
and my eunuch module sat in my rack for years. I sold it to buy the q119 
and i never looked back. I have 35U of dotcom now, and expecting 9U of 
Moslab on the way. January 19 at 11:37am - Like - 3 

Lutz Bojasch by the way: I love my dotcom January 19 at 11:37am - Like - 

Mark W Roberts ...nope January 19 at 11:38am - Like 

John McClary Nice they are making them available to oil tycoons and 
billionaires at the price point they've set. I know they'll sound 
awesome but damn! January 19 at 11:40am - Like - 2 

Michael Firman Yes, I guess if someone really wants a exact replica (in 
better condition than vintage) System 55 or whatever and is in a 
situation that price is no object then they can realize their dream. A 
friend of mine likens this to ancestor worship. Just for those with very 
rarified tastes IMHO. That said, I'm personally considering one of those 
new portable 11 cases as an addition to my system. January 19 at 11:41am 
- Like 

Jeffrey Hyde Sounds like someone wants Competition is my guess, but so 
be it then. January 19 at 11:41am - Like 

Airyc Creiner It's really hard to argue with the build quality and 
timbre! One famous tech argued that you can dip those etched panels in 
acid and the lettering will remain. January 19 at 11:44am - Like 

Michael John Mollo Awesome and expensive January 19 at 11:46am - Like 

Noti Peppas Noooo strigger is back?! I would have preferred to see them 
make a new product line personally. Also by not selling individual 
modules, they have a very small group of people they're appealing to 
(not me.) January 19 at 11:57am - Like 

Magnus Glad�n I think Moog Music will start selling these modules 
separately in the future. They made Voyager signature edition with 
backlit wheels. Then came the Anniversary Edition with backlit panel and 
wheels, sold as a limited edition synth� then they started producing 
Electric Blue and Selected series and so on. January 19 at 11:58am - 

Mikel Zwissler In the grand scheme, even if they did sell individual 
modules, they'd still have a pretty small group of people they're 
appealing to. January 19 at 11:59am - Like 

Airyc Creiner When they do sell individual modules, they will probably 
be surface mount. January 19 at 11:59am - Like 

Airyc Creiner I just want the 921 and their inductor based 907a January 
19 at 12:00pm - Like 

Matia Simovich For that kind of money it's absolutely ridiculous unless 
someone's gonna start handing out 70's style advances. Roger I'll be 
seeing your systems later this year. January 19 at 12:03pm - Like - 1 

James Simpson Except moog don't make a product based on record sales, 
they make a product based on market demand. January 19 at 12:04pm - Like 

John Tunnicliffe Hope these new builds stay in tune longer January 19 at 
12:06pm - Like - 1 

Jeffrey Hyde DAvid Edward Schnell, Moog is more Expensive, and probably 
out of my league budget wise if anything. January 19 at 12:07pm - Like 

Matia Simovich Don't moog pride themselves on being connected to the 
needs of musicians releasing music. Isn't that the whole basis of the 
moog legacy ... The players choice? January 19 at 12:08pm - Like - 1 

Jim Soloman Keep doing what you do Roger - why would anyone in their 
right mind pay 10k for a model 15 when they could get so much more from 
you. I love Moog, have been a part of their history, but those prices 
are outrageous - just like the 100k Emerson model. I was hoping for a 
poly synth with their big announcement, not overpriced modulars!!! 
January 19 at 12:13pm - Like - 3 

Tom Ainley Didn't the older systems go out of tune a lot? Makes me 
question if the oscillators will be as stable as .com systems. January 
19 at 12:13pm - Like 

Jeffrey Hyde Oh and a Side Note, Moog are also selling their Keyboard as 
well with the Controls, but one difference, it is only Duophonic and 
probably CV Based only, unlike's Keyboards that are 
MIDI Polyphonic Based, and the Price for Moog's Keyboard is about 1/3rd 
more the Price than the .com one. January 19 at 12:22pm - Like - Remove 

Jeff Burgener Way to expensive. I'll stick with .com January 19 at 
12:24pm - Like - 2 

John W F Goode Its a joke at those prices---stay in business Roger, I'll 
be a continuing customer of yours. January 19 at 12:25pm - Like - 1 

Max Henkel It is exciting and I would love to own one. That said 35K 
would buy a lot of other gear. One of every Euro module ever made! 5 
vintage monsters completely refurbished. A studio 110 with 20K to spare! 
January 19 at 12:38pm - Edited - Like 

John Kreitzer Zero desire for a Moog modular here. Loyal DotCom fan till 
the end! Roger, lookin forward to those new modules!! January 19 at 
12:26pm - Like - 5 

Angelo Metz I'll stick with DOTCOM because it's better. January 19 at 
12:27pm - Like - 4 

Ruben Dario Peralta Limited so only for a few that can buy !!! It's cool 
To have but big bucks January 19 at 12:32pm - Like 

Brian Sherick They will be super expensive.......overpriced. January 19 
at 12:34pm - Like - 1 

Tom Ainley Its got the Moog name on it. That would be the only reason to 
buy it. It's just not worth it. There is better options out there, even 
for rich people. January 19 at 12:34pm - Like - 2 

Airyc Creiner I want to clarify one final thing before i bow out of this 
conversation: My opinions are operating under the assumption that these 
modulars are NOS, mil spec components, aluminum etched fotofoil (though 
we know that re:synthesis is making the panels) etc. If these are silk 
screened panels with alpha pots then I would still prefer the vintage 
units over the modern ones. January 19 at 12:34pm - Like 

Michael Huggett I think Roger can rest easy in his bed tonight at those 
prices January 19 at 12:42pm - Like 

Bryan Benting I think this move by Moog is a win/win for everyone. I 
still run into people that don't know modules are still being made. Moog 
will sell a small number of systems, and will be 
selling a bunch more if people dig for affordable alternatives. I for 
one want to buy an original Moog filter someday, but I have a ton of modules that are great. Keep up the great work Roger 
and company! January 19 at 2:12pm - Edited - Like - 3 - Remove Preview 

Enrico Cosimi with HUGE respect for Moog Music, I am very glad for the 
modular reissue, but I'll stay with my 110+22 dot com system. Thumbs up 
for 5U modulars and a double big thumbs up for Roger January 19 at 
12:44pm - Like - 5 

Mikel Zwissler I don't get how everyone keeps saying those prices are 
outrageous. Unless I'm missing something, these are entirely hand made. 
There's no chance I'll be ordering one, but it's kind of like 
complaining if Ford started hand-building 1968 Ford GTs, and charged 
$200K for them when you can get a 2015 Mustang GT for like $40k. It's 
ain't for everybody. Hell, it ain't for most! But it's pretty rad that 
they're making it. January 19 at 12:58pm - Like - 5 

Nils Gibson I just don't see the Moog modules being any better than 
dotcom. dotcom has been refining and selling their modules for awhile. 
They have worked the issues out and deliver a great product and 
excellent customer service. The Moog modules will be expensive and buggy 
at release, and IMHO their customer service isn't as good. January 19 at 
12:58pm - Like - 3 

Jason Young If they're anything like the classic modulars, even like 
yours, I'm all for it! January 19 at 12:58pm - Like 

Mikel Zwissler I'm hoping they get a lot of visibility. Like I said 
before, it's not going to be anything but good for MU and Dotcom. Just 
be happy it's not euro! January 19 at 1:00pm - Like 

Roger Arrick feelin tha lov January 19 at 1:02pm - Like - 8 

Max Henkel I agree with Bryan, this will only bring more attention to 
the whole scene. It's like some concept car stuff. Not many can or will 
buy the Moog stuff but all will know about it and want more modular in 
some variety. It will make for some estate sale finds in 30 years! 
January 19 at 1:02pm - Like 

Mike Peake They're expensive...$10K for a system 15, which is a master 
oscillator, two 921B oscillators, an FFB, a lowpass, etc. Pretty much a 
Minimoog selection of modules with more features and That Sound (the 
Moog Modular is more open and large-sounding than the Mini, which is 
more aggressive and laser-like). That's a big investment...I found that 
the Moog comes alive when you have two or three lowpasses for complex 
sound design, so you're in for money. I'm all for them re-releasing it 
but $$$! January 19 at 1:03pm - Like - 2 

Mike Peake Also, I'm hoping that they didn't keep the AC lights next to 
the DC switching in the CP... January 19 at 1:04pm - Like 

MaurArte Tubeman Overpriced! January 19 at 1:07pm - Like - 1 

Ruben Dario Peralta Let's don't forget that in the 70s high end organs 
cost over $30 k yea true Also synths like the jp8 or obxa cost over 5k 
in 81-83 That's a lot of cash back then !!! So prices for me is ok 
January 19 at 1:07pm - Like 

Mikel Zwissler Mike- A Voyager XL is $5k. $10k for the Model 15, while 
expensive, just doesn't seem overpriced for a handmade instrument. 
January 19 at 1:11pm - Like - 1 

Mikel Zwissler Again, too much for me to justify, sure. I don't see 
anything there that my dotcom rig won't do (and then some!) January 19 
at 1:12pm - Like 

Mike Peake I handmake Buchla 100 modules so I'm aware of the investment 
in time and resources January 19 at 1:12pm - Like - 2 

Mike Peake What I'm saying, is that you'll need to spend a lot of money 
here to get enough modules to provide for complex sound design. I've 
owned several Moog Modular systems over the years. Love 'em. Not putting 
down Moog Music for this Gift. January 19 at 1:13pm - Like - 2 

Jeremy Wiss My thoughts . . . I'm going to be orderining more .com 
modules very soon. January 19 at 1:14pm - Unlike - 2 

Matt Avent i heard they're going to limit their oscillators' range to 
one octave so you need to buy five to play bah bah black sheep January 
19 at 1:22pm - Like - 2 

Allan Hoeltje Ow! Look at their prices. Let the competition begin and I 
am glad dotcom has a head start! January 19 at 1:30pm - Like 

Derrick Simpson I'm a Moog Endorsing Artist and frankly, I'm not 
impressed nor am I amused by their announcement....When I can afford to, 
I'll be buying your instrument Roger. January 19 at 1:32pm - Like 

Rob Wright ...I think I need to change my shorts! January 19 at 1:33pm - 

James Traicoff I think it's amusing that Moog has come out with their 
version of a Dotcom. January 19 at 1:42pm - Unlike - 7 

Roger Arrick Here's one of the first questions: "can I use the Q171 Quantizer with my new Moog modular??". The answer 
is no, the Moog has a different power system/connector. And the Moog 
uses switch-triggers with special connectors for envelope generators and 
all those will need to be patched through conversion modules or cables. 
Have you seen a moog modular power connector? Here it is: January 19 at 
1:42pm - Like - 1 

Roger Arrick Wow James Traicoff, that just blew my mind January 19 at 
1:44pm - Like - 5 

Mikel Zwissler Roger, prep yourself. January 19 at 1:45pm - Like - 2 

Roger Arrick My website is getting slammed January 19 at 1:45pm - Like - 

Derrick Simpson Pla dont remind me of Moog's now esoteric ancient 
choices for triggering......Synth.Com all the way! January 19 at 1:45pm 
- Like - 3 

Mikel Zwissler I see lots of folks asking similar questions, many of 
which will be answered "Yes" January 19 at 1:45pm - Like - 1 

Roger Arrick Please dont abbreviate in postings, that 
usually sends people to the wrong place. January 19 at 1:46pm - Like - 4 

Mikel Zwissler You ever regret that name? January 19 at 1:47pm - Like - 

Mikel Zwissler and congratulations on your website being slammed! 
January 19 at 1:49pm - Like - 1 

Roger Arrick Will you ever forget it? January 19 at 1:53pm - Like - 2 

John Williams I will say, the video "Back to the Future Sounds" on their 
web site of folks old and young talking about modular synthesis in 
general is very well done. January 19 at 1:55pm - Like - 1 

John Williams ....although there are some moments of face-palming when 
they are gushing about amazing it is that a product like this is 
"available again." January 19 at 1:57pm - Like 

Howard D J Howes Well having just completed building my "Midi Room" in 
Ca, Roger rightly pointed out that it was crying out for a Modular, my 
choice will still be January 19 at 1:59pm - Edited - 
Like - 1 - Remove Preview 

Roger Arrick Thank you very much for considering us Howard. January 19 
at 1:59pm - Like - 1 

Daniel Canada The things that strike me are the cost and the fact that 
the new Moog modulars can only be bought as complete systems. The entry system was the only way I was realistically 
likely to do the modular thing. Aside from being the format I like, the 
affordability, the fact that you can buy individual modules and dherry 
pick what you want, and coming out of Xmas, the fact that Roger lets you 
take a 3 month break. Not to mention the sound and build quality makes 
this a no brainer. January 19 at 2:00pm - Edited - Like 

James Traicoff I was being funny, but on reflection, it's the truth. The 
Moog modular is part of a past that so many of us looked on with envy 
and longing; you made owning such a device not only possible, but 
enjoyable, and you did it without the likes of Keith Emerson and Rick 
Wakeman showcasing your product. The new Moogs are pretty, but there's 
no real innovation here; they are simply rereleasing a product they 
abandoned long ago, and they are doing so at collectors prices. That 
they see such an opportunity is a testament to the modular community 
that exists, in no small part, because of your efforts. January 19 at 
2:00pm - Like - 4 

Mikel Zwissler Roger- I read that name many times every day! No way 
could I forget it January 19 at 2:01pm - Unlike - 1 

Howard D J Howes My experiences with the current Moog company have not 
been great so I will always choose PEOPLE who are pleasant to deal with 
! January 19 at 2:02pm - Like - 1 

John Nymo Nyman This can only be GOOD for you Roger ! January 19 at 
2:11pm - Like - 2 

Robin Benjamins Roger, thanks for the clarification on the use of the 
generic name for Noted and fixed my comment way above 
in this post. January 19 at 2:14pm - Like - Remove Preview 

Roger Arrick Group HUG!!! January 19 at 2:17pm - Like - 15 

Alex Bush Not affordable, but great that more might look at modular gear 
now. January 19 at 2:28pm - Like - 2 

Kevin Van Vechten If I am very successful someday I may own one January 
19 at 2:31pm - Like 

John Havermans It is good to have Moog back, but . . . . looking at the 
prices and than compare the current price with the prices back in 1974 
... well find out yourself. Moog 1974 Prices January 19 at 2:40pm - Like - Remove Preview 

Mikel Zwissler Try buying just about ANYthing for 3x what it cost in 
1974... January 19 at 2:57pm - Like - 1 

Roger Arrick Price point is a core principle of my business model. My 
stated goal is to bring the joy and awesomeness of modulars to as many 
people as possible. That goal has been obtained, and continues. I wanted 
a Moog modular when I was a kid, but it was the price of my parent's 
house. January 19 at 2:59pm - Like - 9 

Mikel Zwissler Well, you nailed it. I'm still amazed by the price point 
you've hit. The Q106, IMHO, wins for best all-around bang for buck in 
modular synthesis. January 19 at 3:01pm - Like - 1 

Steffen Gr�ndahl The new Moog Modular is great, but IMO too expensive 
and thus probably just for collectors. I see no threat to So please just continue your great work Roger (looking 
forward to new modules) January 19 at 3:03pm - Unlike - 2 

Mikel Zwissler I think part of it is that you've totally spoiled us. 
It's not so much that the Moog is overpriced. It is expensive, yes, but 
expensive != overpriced. The "problem" is, (cue another 
link) is such an amazing value January 19 at 3:03pm - Unlike - 1 

John Havermans I had a Moog Modular, for demonstrating in back in 1984. 
Could buy it for only $2000. Had no money left at that time 
unfortunately. But 10 k$ for a system 15 . . . . . . no way, my wife 
would kill me. Better to buy for 2k$ dot.coms, that I would survive. 
January 19 at 3:04pm - Like - 1 

Harry Dibrell I think I'll sell everything I own and get an Emerson 
Modular. I can keep it in a grocery cart and push it around while pan 
handling for patch cords. January 19 at 3:10pm - Like - 2 

Roger Arrick Speaking of patch cables, wonder why they didn't make the 
original patch cables. That's the main thing that the user touches. 
January 19 at 3:14pm - Like - 3 

Mikel Zwissler Lol January 19 at 3:19pm - Like 

Dave Richard Carlton Sticker shock! January 19 at 3:19pm - Like 

Mike Hunter Honestly, I think it will help raise the awareness of 
modulars even more... Net effect of positive on you business Roger. 
January 19 at 3:20pm - Unlike - 6 

Mark Vasoll I think Moog made a mistake spending all the time and effort 
to make new copies of old circuit boards, which require parts which are 
not available in new manufacturing. As others have said, this is for 
people to collect. Kudos to them for separating those people from their 
money, but that's about it. Roger's designs using more modern, but not 
cutting edge parts are more cost effective and certainly more 
maintainable. January 19 at 3:21pm - Like - 2 

Mike Hunter oh...and I doubt that Moog will have the kind of interaction 
with its customer base that do you!!!! An immeasurable benefit!!! 
January 19 at 3:22pm - Unlike - 3 

Allen Wentz Please don't raise your prices! January 19 at 3:24pm - Like 
- 3 

Tom Luth I recall when my old school unloaded all their synths back in 
'82 for a grand total of $2000. I learned of this AFTER the fact Moog 
models 12, 15 and 55, minimoog and E-mu modular. Hate to think what it 
would cost to replace all that gear today. Glad there is someone in 
Texas looking out for us. January 19 at 3:38pm - Like - 1 

Jorge Rodriguez Lol January 19 at 3:42pm - Like 

Mark Vasoll Actually, the high price and low quantity plan sounds like 
leftovers from their Emerson replica. Circuit board houses have minimum 
orders. January 19 at 3:42pm - Like 

Howard D J Howes If it's anything like their previous "Moog" products 
and software you'll have to return it several times before it works 
properly and then again to fix what they f:::k up at the factory, sorry 
did that come out loud ! January 19 at 3:46pm - Like - 3 

Geoff Fox My penny's worth. I think Moog are jumping on the bandwagon 
that been pioneered by the likes of Roger Arrick and other modular 
manufacturers from the 90's. These people had the guts to bring modulars 
to the world again when perhaps the future demand wasn't certain. People 
will buy the new Moog, maybe just to say that they own a Moog. But will 
they use it? January 19 at 3:47pm - Like - 3 

Suit Et Tie Guy I think this is good for us, Roger. January 19 at 4:23pm 
- Like - 8 

Michael Firman I did notice that the price of the keyboard itself wasn't 
bad but there were no specs yet, so I really can't say whether it's 
interesting or not. January 19 at 4:28pm - Like 

Ritchie DeCarlo It is definitely a Great Thing for the community. But I 
think Moog is missing a Big Market here.... I was at the factory a 
little over a year ago & they asked my opinion. I told them that if they 
offered several of their filters ( Original, Sub Phatty, etc....) as 
modules in MU & EURO they would SELL!!! Their response was that they 
were worried about providing warranty without knowing what power supply 
everybody was using..... January 19 at 4:35pm - Like - 1 

Vincent Pierins Buying your system 88 was one of my best ideas sounds incredible, is perfectly stable, great controller and 
the service pre- and postbuying is top notch...and for a very democratic 
price. Roger Arrick, you still rule in MU-world... January 19 at 4:39pm 
- Edited - Unlike - 5 

Roger Arrick Power systems are a big issue. This is why I have this big 
red notice on my power page: 
January 19 at 4:43pm - Like - 2 - Remove Preview 

Rock Wehrmann I imagine this has been asked and answered, but do you 
think the Moog modular stuff is only available as prepackaged systems to 
do an end run around Mike Bucki and Musonics? This would probably mean 
that individual modules wouldn't be available. Any thoughts? January 19 
at 4:43pm - Like 

Roger Arrick The preconfigured systems offered by Moog are mostly full, 
and there's no listing on their website about individual modules, 
cabinets, or power systems. Most individual modules they would sell 
would be for existing systems, bu there's only about 200 of them in the 
world. The Moog modular power system is way different than any modern MU 
system which mostly use the standard. So, they would 
need to sell cabinets and power systems too, and deal with lots of folks 
who are trying to diy that. This can turn into a big mess pretty quick. 
And it can quickly turn into clones at a fraction of the price. My 
products aren't even clones (Except the Q960 stuff), and they are 1/5 
the price. So, it's hard to tell how far they want this to go. Really, 
99% of staying in business is not engineering, it's getting all the 
other details right - pricing, manufacturing, vendors, income tax, 
inventory management, employee issues, order processing, shipping, the 
list goes on and on. January 19 at 4:50pm - Like - 8 - Remove Preview 

Ritchie DeCarlo Correct.... MOOG has no intention of selling individual 
modules... January 19 at 4:53pm - Like 

Rock Wehrmann I should've phrased the post better. I agree that gearing 
up for modular sales would be a monumental task. I can also see why it 
might be supremely tempting for Moog, for image reasons alone. My 
question (which, again, I shoulda asked better) is, do we know or think 
that any kind of arrangement had to made with Musonics? As far as I 
know, Mike still owns the intellectual rights to Moog modules. January 
19 at 4:56pm - Like - 1 

Marc Doty There aren't rights to modules. All intellectual rights died 
with the original company when the last vestiges of the company died in 
1993. To own the rights to a product, you have to have patents or at 
least manufacture it as a product. Which is undoubtedly the motivation 
for these systems. January 19 at 5:21pm - Unlike - 5 

Allen Wentz I have rarely seen such excitement for something nobody (ok, 
maybe the .00001%) will buy. (Probably need a couple more zeros) January 
19 at 5:45pm - Like - 4 

Brian Sherick Going to NAMM.....will check it out.... January 19 at 
5:47pm - Like 

John Clancy Funny, my first somewhat ironic thought was that they are 
entering an existing, mature market, as a second thought 
was, I wonder if they are sticking Moog labels on 
product. More free marketing for the product niche, no idea how to do an 
apples to apples comparison...their system 22 is $22k, so what does that 
equate to system wise from Roger? I dunno....Roger has the magic pricing 
spreadsheet making app, lets you build as you I said, seems 
like Roger's business model is actually more mature than Moog's. But 
will Moog be able to sell to perhaps a University or other customer 
based on the name...perhaps more important, do the Moog's sound any 
different? I like that their video used no effects, the low end is often 
robbed by echo / reverb. Virtual Analog Synth � Element | Waves Element, 
the first ever synthesizer from Waves, is powered by Virtual Voltage 
technology and delivers the... January 19 at 6:03pm - Like - 
Remove Preview 

Jeff Wright Does the new Moog have a whammy bar option? No? I'll 
pass.... January 19 at 6:06pm - Unlike - 5 

Brad Ashwell Forget where i read it....moog site, synthtopia, etc... But 
they hype up the cabinet as part of the sound for these. Maybe a dumb 
question but is that even true? Does the cabinet have any effect on the 
sound? Always thought it was just aesthetic. January 19 at 6:34pm - Like 

Allan Gelbard I'm just hoping that they decide to sell individual 
modules. I've been looking for a 904b and 904c since 1979. January 19 at 
6:35pm - Like - 1 

Jareth Lackey Would like to have a moog modular but I am a Roger Arrick 
supporter when it comes to modular gear. I love vintage moogs but not a 
huge fan of the new moog music. January 19 at 6:43pm - Like - 6 

Michael Firman As I mentioned above, in so many words, this is a very 
niche market. It's nice that they are doing it, but it's not really for 
me. It's as if someone decided to make a short run of brand new 1938 
Hudson Terraplane Coupes. Some people have been waiting their whole 
lives to own one, regardless of the cost. Other folks, even those who 
are really into Hudson Terraplane Coupes, would rather buy a more 
affordable modern car that can be used in a normal context. January 19 
at 7:44pm - Like - 3 

Clay Grossman you cant get the footage on the OSC's January 19 at 8:03pm 
- Like 

Michael Maddox Dotcom all the way! I have little desire to have a 
boutique synth built the "old way;" I just want the SOUND. January 19 at 
8:20pm - Like - 1 

Eric Larsen Seems like a good sign of a rising tide. January 19 at 
8:52pm - Like - 1 

Zon Pyles I've owned a Moog 15 and a 55 and a couple of different Dotcom 
systems. A Moog 15 is a wonderful thing but not for $10,000. I didn't 
even check their price for a 55 after seeing that price. I far prefer 
the modular system. No contest, in my nearly 40 years 
of experience with most modulars available through the years. Bob and 
Roger both have made beautiful instruments but for the money - and the 
quality and the sound - Roger's synthesizer is the evolved version of 
Bob's pioneering instrument. January 19 at 9:03pm - Like - 12 - Remove 

Erik Krieger Will it lose tune when the room temp changes? I've always 
admired the Moog modular (grew up with Switched on Bach - literally wore 
the album out). I believe the Dotcom is a reasonable evolution of Mr. 
Moog's concept. Some day I'd love to have one of each to compare them. 
January 19 at 9:31pm - Like - 1 

Tear O'Sync Having had the pleasure of spending time with a Moog 
modular, I have t say, my conclusion is that .com stuff is superior in 
damn near every way. January 19 at 10:16pm - Like - 1 

Allen Wentz and the apparent winner in the big Moog modular announcement 
is.. drum roll.. This should bring a smile to the 
marketing folks in Asheville. And congrats to Roger, a lovely bloke. 
January 19 at 10:33pm - Like - 1 

Allen Wentz On the other hand, you will have to pry my Sub 37 from my 
cold, dead hands. January 19 at 10:35pm - Like 

Roger Arrick This thread has 158 posts, which is more than triple the 
posts on the Moog group, and that group is much bigger. Weird. January 
19 at 10:41pm - Like - 11 

John Williams Hey, that's more posts than all the 55s and 35s they plan 
to sell (combined) and more than the model 15s they have planned. 
January 19 at 10:44pm - Like 

Roger Arrick If the system inquiries in my inbox today are any judge of 
the effects, I'll take it! January 19 at 10:47pm - Edited - Like - 12 

Daniel Canada Heh, good thing I got my latest order in before the 
influx-_- January 19 at 10:50pm - Like - 1 

John Clancy I just accidentally advertised your product in a discussion 
thread that included Herbert Deutsch. January 19 at 10:56pm - Like 

Paul Clark I agree with Ritchie DeCarlo. I decided to get into modular 
synthesizers last year and was torn between Eurorack and the larger 
format modules. while researching I was amazed to learn Moog had no rack 
mountable modules. January 19 at 11:06pm - Like 

Paul Clark Btw thanks for the add Roger. January 19 at 11:06pm - Like 

Daniel Canada Watching that Moog video, the way they're talking, you'd 
think that up until this moment, modulars had disappeared off the face 
of the earth until the valiant Moog FINALLY resurrected them... January 
19 at 11:16pm - Like - 7 

DAvid Edward Schnell Well, I think you are a fool for sitting through 
the whole thing, unless you have a plan, of sorts. January 19 at 11:17pm 
- Like - 1 

Daniel Canada Heh, yup, I'd go along with that:) January 19 at 11:17pm - 

Matt Baxley I enjoyed the presentation very much. Very happy that Moog 
is doing this. It's about time. I knew it would be ridiculously out of 
my price range if they ever did, just like all their other products. 
I'll stick with I think this is good for the modular 
world in general. Yesterday at 12:40am - Like - 1 - Remove Preview 

Angelo Metz Sold at your nearest Guitar Center�,Keyboards---MIDI.gc... Moog Keyboards & 
MIDI | Guitar Center Enjoy the lowest prices and best selection of Moog 
Keyboards & MIDI at Guitar Center. Most orders are... 
Yesterday at 1:14am - Like - Remove Preview 

Roberto Raineri-Seith ...and maybe there is THT inside?? No, seriously, 
i think i will order a System 15 to complement with my DotCom, Mos-Lab 
and Synth-Werk stuff... Yesterday at 2:30am - Like - 3 

Mark Sompel It's about 10x the price of dotcom. Go buy a dotcom, and a 
house to put it in. Yesterday at 3:58am - Like - 1 

Tony Newnham depends on price - I'd like one,but there are other things 
far higher on the current muical wish list! Yesterday at 6:17am - Like 

Gregory Clark I've got the MU modular I've always wanted. And for a 
small fraction of what the new Moog costs. Initially it was all Dotcom, 
but has morphed and includes many other builders modules now. It is 
still about 50% Roger's product. (A new or original Moog would not give 
me the sound and flexibility I want in a modular now.) Yesterday at 
7:19am - Like - 1 

Allan Gelbard FYI I have received a response from Moog saying they will 
not sell single modules, only complete systems. Yesterday at 10:37am - 

Roger Arrick I wonder what the lead time of the Moog systems are? 
Someone on another group said they heard 18 mo. Yesterday at 10:43am - 

Matt Baxley holy moly. What kind of lead times did Moog have back in the 
day? Yesterday at 10:49am - Like 

Robert Saint John With the price and so few being made, the real impact 
is the greater interest it sparks for the industry as a whole. Specific 
example: me! After spending a good part of last night looking it all 
over and daydreaming, I went to be thinking, "Well, I can still save up 
for a Voyager." Woke up this morning, and people are still talking about 
it. Saw a reference (in the comments on Wired's coverage?) to, and spent the morning combing over the site. And then 
I realized: "I'm Roger's future customer." I'm *really* new to all this, 
a prodigal enthusiast. Little more than a DX7 was in my reach back in 
the day, and obviously I could never get the sound I really wanted out 
of where the industry went. But now... I am so excited! Yesterday at 
11:35am - Unlike - 6 

Mikel Zwissler Join us... You won't regret it. Yesterday at 11:46am - 
Like - 2 

Ruben Dario Peralta They say up to a year and a half Yesterday at 
11:55am - Like 

Glenn Lawhon So Much Love for the Company that Influenced most of the 
synth guys out there, but what do I know I can't even afford a!!hahaha... Yesterday at 12:02pm - Unlike - 1 

Mikel Zwissler Cue the "You can, for the price of a cup of coffee per 
day!" infomercial. Check out the entry system. Entry System Plan #2 - Analog 
Modular Synthesizers for Electronic Music by... Yesterday at 12:12pm - 
Like - 4 - Remove Preview 

Glenn Lawhon Thanks Mikel I will have to look into it! Yesterday at 
12:14pm - Like - 1 

Tom Luth Having learned on the Moogs models 15, 12 and 55, plus the E-mu 
modular back in '73-75, I do have a place in my heart for these classic 
synths. But the reality today is there are better systems, for much 
less. Having looked at numerous systems, and listened to them, there is 
no question, I plan on DotCom as my core system, with perhaps a few 
boutique modules. I am glad Moog is back in the game for all the reasons 
noted, mostly bringing attention back to the modular synths, but I truly 
do not see them as an option for my tastes or budget. Even if Donald 
Trump offered to buy me a system, I would prefer the DotCom over the 
Moog. Yesterday at 12:38pm - Like - 2 

Daniel Canada I'm almost at the end of my entry system program, totally 
recommendable. Roger and Margo make it all dead simple... Yesterday at 
12:42pm - Like - 2 

Roger Arrick Once you patch a modular without having to convert 
switch-triggers, and where modules have onboard mixers and reversable 
attenuators, you'll never go back. Yesterday at 1:09pm - Edited - Like - 

Daniel Canada Yup, loving the reversible attenuators on my Q107z 
Yesterday at 1:16pm - Like - 1 

Michael Firman Roger, this is something that your system shares with the 
Serge (another of my systems). You are so correct about the reversible 
attenuators. Module on-board mixing is absolutely fantastic, saves so 
much real estate. Does the "new" Moog modular still have 
switch-triggers? If so, that is a real mistake. Their keyboards have 
intelligently abandon that interface. Yesterday at 1:21pm - Like - 1 

John Havermans Looking at the pics they indeed have the Strigs. 
Yesterday at 1:28pm - Like 

Roger Arrick I went through this whole process in the 90s of whether to 
make exact replicas of Moog modules or fix some stuff. I decided to 
abandon switch triggers, the asymmetrical power system, 1/2-size 
modules, C-frames; and increase signal levels, and put reversable attens 
all over, among other things. I basically just kept the front panel size 
and the knob style. You can read about some of this on my FAQ. Yesterday 
at 2:54pm - Edited - Like - 14 

John Havermans A good and wise decision Roger Arrick. Yesterday at 
3:10pm - Like - 1 

Billy Jay Stein Will I be able to interface the new moogs with my 
current dotcom system? Yesterday at 3:14pm - Like 

Roger Arrick Externally, the pitch and audio SHOULD patch between the 2 
freely. The moog has a different power system so you can not swap 
modules between cabinets - you can read about that in my FAQ. The moog 
uses switch-trigger instead of gates. You can read more about that at: Yesterday at 3:17pm - Like 

Billy Jay Stein COOL! Yesterday at 3:25pm - Like 

Gregory Clark Actually, all this from Moog has done to me is to impel me 
to make a simple portable system out of one of my cabinets ALA the P15. 
Yesterday at 4:30pm - Like - 1 

Mikel Zwissler totally. Yesterday at 4:44pm - Like 

Brian Sherick This is all making me want to order my studio 88....... 
Yesterday at 4:45pm - Unlike - 3 

Derrick Simpson Roger Arrick, I know you must be busy but I have a quick 
question:If I use one 37 note and one 61 note keyboard, along with a 
dual wheel controller and a whammy controller, all mounted as a single 
console controller, would I use the one Q137 power supply or would I 
need one supply per keyboard? Yesterday at 6:17pm - Like Roger Arrick If 
you have a system with an internal power supply like the QPS1, then you 
can power all the controllers with QIC cables: Yesterday at 6:19pm - Like - 
Remove Preview 

Derrick Simpson Wow.....So my dream of a base system composed of a Rack 
24 system and dual keyboards would only require my building the 
cabinetry and all would be powered by the supply of the rack 24? 
Yesterday at 6:22pm - Like 

Roger Arrick correct-umus Yesterday at 6:25pm - Like 

Airyc Creiner I really can't see why they want 8 grand for 2 960s and a 
few associated modules in a cabinet. Yesterday at 6:30pm - Like - 2 

Derrick Simpson The Moog notice in my inbox this morning prompted me to 
do some more research at your site. If I have it right, the base system 
I want would be a system 24 rack with standard modules, one 37 note 
keyboard with whammy controller, one 61 note keyboard with dual wheel 
controller....all powered by the supply of the rack 24. this would allow 
me to purchase 3 additional rack frames and populate with additional 
modules completing the system over time as I study the modules and 
determine need....but the base system would then only be around 
$4200.00...............!? Yesterday at 6:33pm - Like - 5 

Roger Arrick Derrick, you can use our spreadsheet on the price page, or 
SynthInvent to calculate this, or just fill out the quote form and we'll 
send you a formal quotation with all the details including shipping and 
lead time. The Quote form provides a total in real time. Yesterday at 6:36pm - Like 

Derrick Simpson Going there now. Yesterday at 6:40pm - Like 

Derrick Simpson The quote system was just completed....took a while to 
load. the page.....a good sign for sure that your site is busy....Thanks 
Roger Arrick Yesterday at 6:50pm - Like 

John Clancy Well, looks like Roger is hiring. Yesterday at 6:57pm - Like 

Jeff Burgener Well to comorate the latest Moog announcement, I am 
ordering more modules from Roger. Yesterday at 7:10pm - Unlike - 4 

Brian Sherick Just noticed the builds on the new Moog modulars.....only 
55 and 35 of the System 55 and 35 respectively will be made..... prices 
high!!! Yesterday at 7:14pm - Like 

Daniel Canada Given they're talking an 18 month lead time, does anyone 
know what this means exactly? ie does that mean it'll take 18 months 
before any ofthem are fnished, orthey'll do a hard out period of say 12 
months hand producing the full amount of boards and modules and then 
assemble the lot and every one will star seeing their units rount the 18 
month period? I wonder if they have a few complete systems floating 
around already for early orders... Yesterday at 7:27pm - Like 

Derrick Simpson Based on my understanding, there are NO systems 
prebuilt...only the systems for the show.....18 months from time of 
order to delivery to your door...each unit hand-built and built to 
order.....sadly. Yesterday at 7:31pm - Like 

Daniel Canada I'm assuming it's not gonna be like one built every 18 
months though, that'd be nuts. (not that I"m buying one so it's not 
really any of my business...) Yesterday at 7:38pm - Like 

Derrick Simpson Its like a group build....just as was my Voyager XL. The 
orders are taken up to a cutoff point and multiple orders are built. 
Those placing an order after the cutoff point go into the next order 
build...if there is one...time is also allowed for burnin at about 48 
hours. I picked up my unit from the factory after a custom build of 
about 25 units...took about a month to build and burnin before pickup. 
Yesterday at 7:46pm - Like 

Daniel Canada Ahh, I thought it might be something like that, makes 
sense. Still though, I thought the 12 months on my entry system was 
tough, 18 months, damn, son! Yesterday at 7:48pm - Like 

Derrick Simpson I weighted 36 months on my Pete Cornish 
pedalboard.....and that was a rush. Yesterday at 7:50pm - Like 

Daniel Canada Deez nutz! Yesterday at 8:39pm - Like - 1 

Derrick Simpson Got in line behind one of David Gilmour projects, and 
just in front of Julian cope....just bad luck I guess. Yesterday at 
8:43pm - Like - 1 

Mark Sompel 21 hrs - Like 

Andy Wilson Won't be as good as a Dotcom ...he he 18 hrs - Like - 1 

Daniel Canada Heh, I'll probably never afford one of the new Moog 
modulars, but I can play my right now (and in fact have 
just turned it off to do some more work on the wiki page -_-) 17 hrs - 
Edited - Like - 2 

Derrick Simpson Well, Daniel Canada, when I think of what I paid for my 
VoyagerXL and Memory-Moog, the cost of the instrument I 
want to configure is very reasonable. I knew I would eventually buy a 
system from Roger, but thought it would be much later as I thought the 
cost would be much more than I now understand. Roger has given me a 
preliminary quote via the website system quoter and it is 1/2 of what I 
thought it would be.....I need to step up my game and bank account very 
soon. 9 hrs - Like - 2 - Remove Preview 

Mikel Zwissler Derrick- I know it feels like you've got to do it all in 
one shot, but I have to say, there's a kick to adding new modules to a 
system. If you've got the XL, get a cab, ps, and whatever modules you 
can afford right now. 9 hrs - Like - 2 

Daniel Canada Yup, THe module a month thing has been great for me 
because it's given me time to get my head around the latest module fora 
few weeks before the next one arrives. 8 hrs - Like - 2 

Jon Rowell I think your gear is a better deal. You have the quality, 
sound, and a much better price. 8 hrs - Like - 1 

Derrick Simpson Thanks for the encouragement guys......I think I will 
have the controller configured and start with a Rack 24 for now, then 
expand to an additional Rack 24 Cabinet and add modules a few at a time. 
I see this as a wonderful, Thoughtful way to just the small 
matter of money. 8 hrs - Like - 2 

Daniel Canada Sweet, that Rack 24 system looks killer. Even a couple of 
empty slots for good measure. 8 hrs - Like - 1