My education is with the piano and I've been studing at the Grieg Academy for 4 years in Norway and at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht in Nederland for 2 years. Today I am a director/principal at a Norwegian art school.

Modular synthesizers are an exciting and new field to me. After listening to artists like ELP, Jean-Michel Jarre and Wendy Carlos, I just had to get one of these modulars. It was very exciting to discover on the internet. This synth had the sound and appeal I was looking for, and the right price too.

Beside my Studio-22 modular, I have a Minimoog Voyager, Korg polysix, Fender Rhodes, Yamaha GT2 and a mint Hammond B3 with a Leslie 122.

In addition to my YouTube videos, my goal is to create compositions with the modular and also a "Switch On"-style project.