The Lunar Project started out as something quite strange. I had insomnia for 2 months and I needed something to listen to that would relax me. So I started recording very long ambient movements with a twist of experimental jazz. A few of my close friends told me they really liked it and I should release these songs, which I did. I found the 6 song ep starting to chart on college radio. KXLU, Los Angeles at #19 in January of last year and KZSU, Stanford.

A few of my favorite artists within this genre: Seefeel/Seely/Electric Skychurch/

As far as the gear I am using:


      1968 Slingerland jazz kit
      1985 Yamaha Recording Custom drums
      1938 Rickenbacker Lapsteel
      Boss DR/202
      Boss SP/202
      Alesis D4 Drum Module
      Roland Juno 6
      Casio SK1
      Casiotone MT600
      Midiman keyboard controller Q107/Q115/Q106 modules
      Behringer 16ch. mixing board
      Roland JV-880 Synth. Module
      Ross Systems-Delay Module
      Adobe Audition-recording software