QCF22 22-Space Folding Cabinet with Power Harness

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Power Supply and carrying bag sold separately.

The QCF22 is a unique, foldable, patch-and-go cabinet that is great for in the Studio or on the road.  The cabinet features:

- Solid wood sides coated in black bedliner for water resistance and durability.

- A one-of-a-kind hinge and latch system that make the cabinet easy to open and close.

- Built in power harnesses and prewired power so only one power connector is needed.

- A balanced design for steady and ergonomic patching.

- Handles on the side for easy maneuvering when folded.

The QCF22 utilizes our Box11 cabinets which have built in multiples and LED power indicators.

Use a QPS5 or QPS6+ to power the QCF22.

Optional QCFB Soft Case is available here:

The cabinet is also available with our stock systems: