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The dual-axis Joystick is perfect for pitch bending and changing filter parameters.
Two voltages are created, one for each axis of the joystick, along with an Auto Gate for each axis.
The handle spring-returns to center when released. These springs can be removed if desired.
The Q182JS is a double-space module so it can be mounted anywhere in a system or in a Box cabinet next to your keyboard and other controllers
The Joystick Controller uses our standardized Q182 dual-channel controller interface module providing an Auto Gate, Switch Gate and a voltage output preset switch for each axis.
Voltage Output Presets
A voltage output is created for each axis as the Joystick Controller is moved.
The range of each voltage is controlled by the Output Range Preset switches to select 5 volts, 2 volts or 4/12ths volt.
Use the 4/12ths volt position for +/-2 semitones of pitch bend.
For modulation, use the 5 volt position then attenuate or invert the signal at the destination module.
Auto Gate
An Auto Gate signal is created for each axis as they are moved.
The position at which these Gates are produced is set with the Auto Gate control knobs.
These Gates can be used to start Sequencers, trigger Envelope Generators or to change parameters in the system.
Switch Gate
There are no switches on the Joystick Controller so activate the Switch Gate signals by pressing the manual buttons.

Q182JS, Joystick Controller

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