The Ribbon Controller produces a voltage that changes as your finger moves along the 2"" sensor.
It's perfect for pitch bending and controlling filters while playing.
The Q181RC is a single-space module so it can be mounted anywhere in a system or in a Box cabinet next to your keyboard and other controllers.
The Ribbon controller uses our standardized Q181 single-channel controller interface module providing an Auto Gate, Switch Gate and a voltage output preset switch.
Voltage Output Presets
The main output of the Q181RC Ribbon Controller is a voltage that varies as your finger moves along the sensor.
The voltage remains fixed when your finger is removed.
The range of the output voltage is controlled by the Output Range Preset switch to select 5 volts, 2 volts or 4/12ths volt.
Use the 4/12ths volt position for +/-2 semitones of pitch bend.
For modulation, use the 5 volt position then attenuate or invert the signal at the destination module.
Auto Gate
An Auto Gate signal is created as you move your finger along the ribbon.
The position at which this Gate is produced is set with the Auto Gate control knob.
This Gate can be used to start Sequencers, trigger Envelope Generators or to change parameters in the system.
Switch Gate
There are no switches on the Ribbon Controller so activate the Switch Gate signal by pressing the manual button.
LED Colors
A programmable 3-color LED changes color as you move your finger along the ribbon.
It can also stay a solid color, or change color as the Auto Gate triggers.
These settings are made using a jumper array on the circuit board.

Q181RC, Ribbon Controller

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