The Q165 Prototype module gives the electronics experimenter a convenient way to implement custom circuitry for their 5U Moog-panel-format synthesizer.
The panel provides placement for knobs, jacks, switches and LEDs.
White blocks provide space to write labels using a fine-point ink marker.
The prototype board provides center and side power rails, and enough space for 4-6 integrated circuits - typically op-amps.
The pad-per-hole array accepts most common thru-hole components and is arranged like a typical proto board and solderless breadboard, but with additional holes on the sides to accept MTA connectors.
The power entry section is laid out for +15V and -15V entry filters along with +5V for digital circuits.
A variety of parts are provided in the kit including PCB mounting spacers, MTA connectors for power, jacks and pots, along with a variety of common resistors, capacitors, transistors and diodes.
Op-amp and an OTA ICs are also provided.
The user must supply the circuit design, tools, additional electronic components, and of course the skills.
The Q165 module accepts a standardized Synthesizers.com 6-pin MTA power connection.

Q165 Prototype Module

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