Synthesizer Fundamentals

We have put a few of our Synthesizer Fundamentals on this page

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Basic Synth Patch
Here's a beginner-friendly patch that will help you get started. We'll walk through it step by step, incorporating a single oscillator, a filter, and additional components to bring it all together seamlessly.
Introduction to Modular Synthesizers
In just five minutes, you can grasp the fundamentals of a modular synthesizer and witness a practical demonstration of a basic patch.
Voltage Control
Understanding voltage control is pivotal when it comes to modular patchable synthesizers—a concept that is both straightforward and immensely potent.  Dive deeper into this subject by watching the accompanying video.
Pitch and Gate
In modular synthesis, pitch signals govern the frequency of oscillators, adhering to the 1-volt-per-octave standard. Meanwhile, gate signals serve as indicators of an ON/OFF state, similar to pressing a key or triggering an envelope.
Envelopes are dynamic signals that shape the evolution of sound over time. They play a pivotal role in controlling various elements, including filters (VCF), amplifiers (VCA), and more.
Modulation refers to the alteration of a specific aspect of the sound, bringing about variations and transformations.
Waveforms and Harmonics
Sine waves possess a smooth, flute-like quality, while sawtooth waves exhibit a brassy timbre. The presence of harmonics plays a crucial role in shaping these distinct characteristics.
Amplitude and Polarity
The amplitude of a signal determines its volume, dictating its loudness or softness. The polarity of a signal can either be normal or inverted, influencing its phase. Additionally, reversible attenuators are elucidated, providing insights into their functionality.
Where does the sound come out?
The sound from a modular synthesizer typically comes out through an audio output module or jack. This output can be connected to a variety of audio devices to hear the generated sounds.
7 Common Patching Mistakes
Everyone learns these one way or another.

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