Meeting of the Knobs 2002

Meeting of the Knobs 2002

Meeting of the Knobs 2002
A day of tweaking

Vintage and Contemporary Analog Synthesizers,
Casual Conversation, and Plenty of Drooling



Mark Glinsky's setup
Mark's tower of Aries
Mark's Steiner equipment
Mark's Moog accessories
John Loffink's Serge and dual sequencers
John's Wavemakers's
John's motm,blacet,oakly system
John's Serge, Roger, Brent, Cliff?
Ches, Jupiter-8, Frank
Sunde and an MS20 make friends, Alex Iles in background
Ches Cain removing tapes from the Mellotron
Ches removing keyboard from the Mellotron
Tron Galkers
Jason Denonville creating sonic mayhem as the 2600 looks on
Jason plays with the Tridadex Muse
Wogglebug messing up Roger's hair
Tony, Jason, Todd, Frank, Ches
Frank with Oberheim 2-voice
Must have more patch cords!
John and Jeff Pontius
Frank plays the tron
Mark's SH-5 and Moog info
Movie of Mark Playing Starway to Heaven on the Tron (1.4mb)
Movie of MOK1 (1.4mb)


Caption Challenge

Roger and Paul Caption Free-for-all


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Equipment brought

      Semi-mega Modular

      Arp 2600

      Oberheim 2-Voice

      Serge Panels

      Crumar Spirit

      WaveMaker Modules


      Moog Ribbon Controller, Drum trigger, etc

      MOTM Modular

      Jupiter 8

      Wiard Wogglebug

      EML 400-401

      Digisound Modules

      Aries Modular

    Mellotron 400
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