Fun Patches to Try

Fun Patches to Try

These sounds demonstrate how systems and modules sound, but remember, there's nothing like hearing one in person.

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Abbreviations and Notation Notes

EG = Q109 Envelope Generator
Gate = Gate output from Keyboard or Sequencer
LFO = Q106 Oscillator in LOW range
LN = Low Frequency Noise
N = Q110 Noise Generator
Pitch = Pitch voltage from Keyboard or Sequencer
PN = Pink Noise
Ramp = Ramp output from oscillator
RM = Q116 Ring Modulator
Sine = Sine output from oscillator
SH = Q117 Sample & Hold
Tri = Triangle output from oscillator
VCA = Q108 Amplifier
VCO = Q106 Oscillator
WN = White Noise

Cool Sounds

Dave Nicol

Ken Roll
Dynamic Pulse Modulation

Dana Countryman
Sitar Simulation


Adam Scramstad
Pocket Frog (Gaseous Discharge)

Q105 Slew Limiter Demos

The Q105 limits the rate of change of a signal. Useful to create Glissando (Portamento) or as an envelope generator.
Bass patch with fast slew then slow slew

VCO w/PWM with slew direction UP

VCO w/PWM with slew direction DOWN

Dual VCO with pan and pitch with slew limiter

Q106 Oscillator (VCO) Demos

The Oscillator generates the basic waveforms needed to create sounds. Oscillators can also be used to generate control signals for amplifiers, filters, pan/fade and more.
4 Oscillators sin,tri,saw,pulse in unison, 4 notes

Sine as LFO to another VCO sweeping pulse width

Ramp as LFO to another Osc saw

Slew to VCO sine to ladder filter w/vibrato & reverb

Slew to VCO sine w/vibrato no filter q106l.mp3

VCO saw to ladder w/vibrato & reverb english trumpet

VCO hard sync with modulation of sync amount & reverb q106t.mp3

VCO hard sync with repeating sequence w/sweeping sync

Dual VCO in feedback loop as arpeggio generator

VCO feedback with psuedo sequences w/reverb

Q107 State Variable Filter (VCF) Demos

Filter used to alter the harmonic content of waveforms.
Ramp to filter lowpass w/wide sweep

Ramp to filter highpass w/wide sweep q107b.mp3

Ramp to filter bandpass w/wide sweep

Ramp to filter notch w/wide sweep

Dual VCO sequence w/ VC resonance and slew

External drum loop w/lowpass manual sweeps

Dual Q107 Korg MS20 Filter Simulation

Vocal sound (yeahyeahyeah)

Q108 Amplifier (VCA) Demos

Used to control the amplitude of a signal.
2 Ramps to VCA(LIN) w/EG(0,10,0,10)

Dual VCA demo - see patch sheet

Dual VCA demo - see patch sheet

Dual VCA demo - see patch sheet

Triple VCA demo - see patch sheet

Dual VCA demo - see patch sheet

Q109 Envelope Generator (EG) Demos

Creates envelopes that are used to control filters, amplifiers, oscillators, etc.
2 EGs control Filter and VCO

4 EGs as source for short sequence

Kraftwerk sequencer riff using EGs w/small delay

Q110 Noise Source Demos

Source of random signals used to create sounds such as thunder, drums, etc. and to create random control signals.
White, Pink, Low individually swept w/Q107 LP VCF

White with multiple LFOs used to create patterns

Wind storm with White noise and Q150 filter and reverb

Short sequence played into Q107 VCF with tuned noise

Q111 Pan/Fade Demos

In Pan mode, a signal is routed to one of the two outputs. In Fade mode, the opposite occurs: one of the two inputs is routed to the output. Routing can be controlled manually or from an oscillator or other source.
Fading 2 patches, keyboard controlled fading rate

Fading where pitch sets pan amount

Dual VCO sequence fade between LP and HP filters

Slow panning from LFO

Q115 Reverb Demos

Reverb effect created by a mechanical 3-spring reverb tank similar to that found on most guitar amplifiers.
Stacatto w/2 VCO, 1 VCO heard w/held notes, Q107 VCF

ELP Trilogy imitation

Wet dripping sound, 1 VCO, Q150 VCF w/LFO sweep

Q116 Ring Modulator (RM) Demos

Creates unusual sounds by multiplying 2 signals. Used for gong, bell, and many strange sounds.
Dana's Retro-Computer Sound

2 VCO RM to Q150 VCF w/reverb, mod w/Noise/SH

Spaceship sound using Ring Modulation

External voice Ring Modulated with a VCO

Q117 Sample & Hold (SH) Demos

Samples and holds a signal's voltage level constant. Output signals normally used to control other modules. Often used in conjunction with the Noise Source module.
White Noise sampled to control a VCO

Ramp sampled controlling a VCO

White Noise sampled to Q150 VCO & 2 VCOs

Tinkling glass from VCO controlled by sampled noise

Q118 Instrument Interface Demos

Receives inputs from external devices such as guitars, microphones, drum triggers, etc. Amplifies then creates an envelope signal, gate signal, and trigger signal for use in processing by other modules.
Drum loop into Q118 controlling Q150 VCF

Drum loop into Q118 controlling Q109 EG to Q150 VCF

Drum loop into Q118, nothing else

Drum loop into Q118 in overdrive for distortion

Guitar into Q118 then EG and Q107 VCF

Guitar into Q118 then Q130 clip/rectify overdrive

Q119 Sequential Controller Demos

Creates an automated series of signals at a rate determined by an internal oscillator or external source.
Example sequence

CV selected sequencer stage length

Demo sequence 1 by Adam

Demo sequence 2 by Adam

Demo sequence 3 by Adam

Demo sequence 4 by Adam

Demo sequence 5 by Adam

Demo sequence 6 by Adam

Q125 Signal Processor Demo

Multifunction module provides signal inversion, attenuation, amplification, and adjustable voltage source.
2 VCOs controlled by different scales using Q125

Q125 as a wave inverter, moding 2 VCO oppositely

Q125 as multiple voltage source for sequences

Q128 Switch Demos

Voltage controlled switch to select or route signals.
Q128 used to modify an EG waveshape

128 to delay an EG

Vocal-like tones using Q128 at end of notes

Q128 switching pulse and ramp

Q130 Clipper/Rectifier Demos

Voltage controlled clipping of signals and rectification of signals to create new waveforms and modify control signals.
Sine pattern into LFO'd clipper

Simple Harpsicord w/Q130 rectifier to double pitch

Q141 Oscillator Aid Demos

Adds features to the Q106 Oscillator including soft sync control, waveform selector, and waveform inversion.
Manual switching between waveforms

Q143 Presets Demos

Q143 Preset Demo 1

Q150 Transistor Ladder Filter (VCF) Demos

2/4 Pole lowpass filter based on Bob Moog's famous patent. Special output leveling circuitry, dual mixing inputs, and reversable attenuation of frequency control inputs.
Ramp to Q150, Res=5, 24db, EG(5,5,0,5)

Sequence to Q150 24db, Res=10

Ramp into Q150 w/slow resonant cutoff sweep

Dual VCO into Q150

Drum loop into Q150 VCF w/manual sweeps

Notes into Q150 VCF self-oscillating w/fast attack

ELP Luckyman patch

Q960 Moog-Style Sequencer Demos

Based on the Moog 960 Sequential Controller
Yves Usson
Ratchet TG-Style

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