After discovering the Berlin School Electronic Music of Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream and Michael Hoenig, in 1976, I knew I wanted to do this kind of music as well. It took until 1982, when I could afford my first, but small, synthesizer. A dream was always to have a large modular system, to make my musical dreams come true. But my budget never allowed for buying such a machine. Instead, smaller modulars like the ARP 2600 and Roland 100M were bought, at a time everyone seemed to have DX7's and D50's. Years later, after hearing and playing Marcel Engels his system, I knew this was the big modular I wanted. And it was affordable as well. Then some of the older modulars were sold, to be able to afford a big system. Since a few years, I play as a regular member, in two bands who further explore the Berlin School territory. With these bands, Kubusschnitt and my main band Patchwork, some albums were released. I'm also a member of Marcel Engels his Free System Projekt, what studio sessions and gigs are concerned. A double album of this, is released, which also features the system. And there is still a lot of exploring to do in this field.

Below, the gear that currently found a place in my studio.

Synthesizers & sequencers:
Akai ASQ 10.
ARP Odyssey, Pro Soloist, 1611 Sequencer.
Clavia Nord Modular rack.
Doepfer MAQ 16/3.
EMS Synthi A.v Elka Rhapsody 610.
Korg MS-20.
Moog Minimoog, Polymoog.
Roland CSQ-600, TR-808. custom modular system.
Synton Fenix Modular system.
Yamaha A4000 sampler/w Mellotron sets, CS-80, S-30.

A1 Schulte phaser (2x).
Boss SE-50, SE-70.
Digitech DSP-256.
Electro Harmonix Small Stone phaser.
MXR Phase 100, 117 flanger.
Roland RE-3.

AMD based PC for final editing and mastering.
Korg D-16 multitrack harddisk recorder.
Sony DTC 55ES.