Note: Sad to report that Richard Lainhart passed away on December 30, 2011.

Richard Lainhart is an award-winning composer, author, and filmmaker - a digital artisan who works with sonic and visual data. Since childhood, he's been interested in natural processes such as waves, flames and clouds, in harmonics and harmony, and in creative interactions with machines, using them as compositional methods to present sounds that are as beautiful as he can make them. "Lainhart crafts sounds in a tonal, musical fashion- sustained tones, drones, melodic fragments-and electronically manipulates them into beautiful tapestries of sound." (Waterfront Week) [His] "music reflects the spirit of possibility that once defined electronic music, bringing with it a sense of past, present and future that transcends time, technology and cultural assumptions. The spell- binding music seemed to evoke feelings that can't quite be named, and suggest music I might rather imagine for myself in silence than trust most composers to compose." (The Village Voice)."He's evolved a singular vision as a composer, performer and engineer of darkly seductive minimalism." (Peter Marsh, BBC)

Lainhart studied composition and electronic music with Joel Chadabe at the University at Albany. He has composed music for film, television, CD-ROMs, interactive applications, and the Web. His compositions have been performed in the US, England, Sweden, Australia, and Japan. Recordings of his music have appeared on the Periodic Music, Vacant Lot, XI Records and Ex Ovo labels. Lainhart's animations and films have been shown in the US, Canada, Germany, and Korea, and online at ResFest, The New Venue, The Bitscreen, and Streaming Cinema 2.0. He won awards in several categories at the 2002 International Festival of Cinema and Technology in Toronto. As an active performer, Lainhart has appeared in public approximately 2000 times. Besides performing his own work, he has worked and performed with John Cage, David Tudor, Steve Reich, Phill Niblock, David Berhman, and Jordan Rudess, among many others.

He is currently both exploring the outer reaches of digital music technology with the Kyma System and Haken Continuum and returning to his musical roots with the new generation of modular analog synthesizers. You can find examples of his music and digital artworks at his website,