Out of the rich, fertile musical soil of the greater Boston area grows Red Root Vegetable. Hearty from the abrasive elements of Zeppelin, California Hardcore, and Pompous British Pop yet sweetened by the sunshine of Brian Wilson, the Grateful Dead and Hank Williams - Farmer Ray stumbled upon the secret ingredient while listening to the soundtrack to the film the Shining: the down-home goodness of analog modular synthesizers!

This newly discovered old world sound tasted better than anything he had grown before so Farmer Ray began to plant anything & everything analog. Heirloom items such as the spicy Arp Odyssey and the fragrant EMS Putney had a wonderful flavor but were difficult and quite costly to cultivate. The mighty Moog plant, perhaps the tastiest of them all, grew so inconsistently that Farmer Ray nearly sold the farm!

But a wonderful growing season is upon the plantation. Farmer Ray has settled down with his well-aged Arp 2600 (pruned to perfection by agriculture guru Phil Cirocco) along with his newest specimen, trucked up from the Texas heartland via John Deere tractor: a dot com named Hank. Not surprisingly, Hank proved to be even more delicious than the Moog & as reliable as those bland-flavored Japanese breeds.

Encouraged by such growth, and despite the publics apparent lack of appetite for such an exotic and acquired taste, Farmer Ray periodically gives away samples of his tasty treats. Look for complimentary take-out on the Yahoo synthesizers.com user group or email Farmer Ray at tzuica@earthlink.net.

Menu items include:
Red Root Vegetable (an old family recipe including Polyfusion and Arp synthesizers, electric and acoustic guitars) that was served on various Boston area NPR news stations. And coming soon to a country (turn)table near you, Farmer Rays newest taste sensation: Mother Flower a fresh take on the near-east including traditional Armenian and Turkish spices tossed with Farmer Rays Red Root Veggies.