Paul Lawler trained to be a brass player at the UK's prestigious 'Chethams School of Music' in Manchester, winning awards and international concerto competitions along the way. After finishing studies at Chethams, he went on to a short lived career as a session brass player with the world famous 'Halle Orchestra', and BBC Radio.

Leaving the brass world behind in 1996, Paul began writing scores for the BBC, composing music for the 'Ancient Voices' TV series. The success of this collaboration led to a further 40+ documentary score commissions for most of the major TV stations around the world. Paul has also composed the music for feature films, commercials, news programmes, radio idents, and several major computer game titles such as 'Spyro: A Hero's Tail', taking up the baton from the previous 'Spyro the Dragon' series composer, Stewart Copeland.

Paul has also released over 40 instrumental albums using various pseudonyms, and has collaborated with well known artists from around the globe.

Writing for the production music company 'De-Wolfe Music', since 1998, Paul has composed approx 1000 library tracks in styles right across the board, featuring on 60 De-Wolfe albums, and 1000s of TV shows around the world. Paul now works from an Analogue and Modular synthesiser laden studio in an old Victorian Vicarage out on the Lancashire hills, where he also records album projects such as 'Arcane', and the critically acclaimed prog-synth band 'Contact', released on the 'Temporary Residence' record label.

I thought my new Synth album might be of interest to people here as virtually all of the sequences were done on the Studio 110, plus any synth hugeness you hear throughout.

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