Active since the last 1990's, Michael Palace's Horchata project has become known for the quality of his (often self-released output), as well as for his highly appraised collaboration. Starting with the essential "Integral" album, in which Horchata set an example for the whole illbient / dark hop scene, Michael Palace later collaborated with Twine (of Bip-Hop and Ghostly International fame), Ocosi, Miles Tilmann, Narc and Zenopede on releases which demonstrated Horchata's ability at working with varied sound sources and genres.

Partly working with sound sampled from his field trips to the Amazon forest (Michael Palace is a research scientist at the University of New Hampshire's Complex System Research Center), Horchata's music ranges from the most organic of atmospheric music to the deepest of basses and beats. The result, a bodily experience that shakes the end and tortures the subwoofer, has been demonstrated live on many occasions, which has helped Horchata gain the status of a band to watch.

Ad Noiseam is proud to release the "Basidia" album, which showcases all the facets of Horchata's talent, and hopefully, displays the high amount of thought put into these recordings. A great care is given here to the feeling and the sound design, making of Horchata an act of his own, where structure, atmosphere, beats and tones are carefully arranged into a mesmerizing and beautiful experience.

Currently, Horchata's setup inlcudes a 39 module setup, which he hopes to complete this coming year (44 modules). A 8 module rack is filled for live performances . Horchata will support the Larvae and Needle Sharing tour in North America in April 2004.