I came in contact with electronic music at a very early stage. My father bought albums by Jean Michel Jarre, Tomita etc and as a child I was fascinated by the music, sounds and pictures on those albums. Never knew how they made it let alone know what a synthesizer was, but a few years later I heard some albums by Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd, Schulze and others and they got me hooked. It's these kind of atmospheric music that I like so much and miss a little bit these days. So I'm making it myself, just as people missed the big modulars and you made it happen again.

First started with all kinds of little keyboards and slowly I made my little studio. The studio now consists of:

Toshiba 486DX40 laptop/Cubase
AMD Duron 700
Event Gina
SoundForge5.0/Yamaha CDR102 for mastering
Arrick Synthesizers.com modular synthesizer
(which will be expanded!)
Access Virus advanced simulated analog synth
Yamaha A3000 128MB/2.1HD sampler
Kawai K4 digital synth
Quasimidi Quasar synth module
Eminent Solina String Ensemble
Korg Polysix 6voice analog synth midified
Kawai 100f monophonic analog synth
Alesis SR 16 drumcomputer
Kenton Pro 2 Midi-CV converter
Ensoniq DP/2 fx-processor
D&R Qverb
Behringer MX2642 mixing-desk

As you can see, I'm not all analog. I like the best of both worlds.

My Website: http://www.freesystemprojekt.nl