I've been into and collecting synth music since 1968 when "Switched on Bach" was released. I bought my first synth in 1976, a mini-moog. Then in '77 I got a small Moog 15 modular and a roland system 700 analog sequencer. I began copying the usual "suspects"- t.d., schulze, jarre, carlos, etc. Over the decades i've purchased most of the synths from the major manaufacturers and product literature. I've owned at one time or another, just about every major synth, sequencer, and drum machine. I also have a vast collection of synth records in the thousands.

In the late 70's and early 80's, I began composing my own style of synth/space rock music. I felt the "berlin school" style field was saturated. Artists like Mark Shreeve, Larry Fast, and Mike Garrisson were more to my tastes. Although I still love the traditional sequencer-based music, I prefer a more structured melodic style. I sent out demo tapes but no luck. It became a fun pasttime. Now with digital technology, I have finally released my first CD the internet has made this possible for me and countless others!!

My music room, contains a variety of synths, with the centerpiece being my Synthesizers.com expanded Studio 66. It saw limited use on my first CD since most songs were completed at the time I bought the system, it will be featured exstensively on upcomming music. Regardless of any commercial success, my music has been a labor of love. I'm glad to have been around to see decades of synth music and it's rapid development. Keep on synthesizing everyone!!!

Equipment List
Synthesizers.com expanded Studio 66
Motif es-7
Quadra synth qs-7
Roland jd-800
Novation supernova keyboard
B3 organ module(peavey)
EMU classic keys
Alesis d-4 drum module
Electronic drums-roland, alesis, dauz pads, kat foot controller/ultimate tube rack
Tascam 2488 24 track digital recorder
Berringer 32 channel mixer
JBL eon speakers
Berringer power amp

Website: http://www.myspace.com/marchansrummig