Weined on Jean Michel Jarre, Mike Oldfield and old Moog! LPs as a child, Kelly Sereda has had synth on the brain from day one. His interest in editing mix tapes in the early eighties by pause/recording different parts of songs together into megamixes led to DJing and eventually full-circle into producing electronic music combining rhythmic DJ friendly elements, and heavy doses of analog synthesis.

Current selection of gear includes: Alesis Andromeda; Dubreq Stylophone 350s; Korg MS-20; Moogs MG-1, Minimoog; Rolands HS-60, CMU-810, TR-909, R-8m, DR-110, VP-330+; and last but not least a fabulous custom Arrick QSC44.

From the lack of fanfare regarding his line of great synths, Roger may be construed as being a pretty subtle guy, so Roger please leave fabulous in there, its true! I have many outboard effects and dynamics processors as well that really contribute to an overall sound, including my favs, a Lexicon PCM-70 and Joe Meek SC2.2. Also over the years I've had the pleasure of owning many notable instruments that helped shape my taste for, and resulting sound including Oberheims 4-voice and OBXa, LAMM Memorymoog and a Moog Source, ARPs 2600 (How is she treating you Roger?) and Odysseys (all revs), Rolands Jupiter 6s, Junoes, and MKS-80, JXs, all X0X's, system 100, SH's; Yamaha CS50, 70m; SCI Pro-1, Prophet10; and other good stuff. I just always wanted a great big, human sized modular to patch my ideas into. The last stage in production - the melting pot of my output and source of immeasurable frustration - my PC (AMD 1.3GHz w/Midiman Delta66) (granted this PC is new... we shall see).

Website: http://www.mp3.com/controlvoltage

Sound Clip: 3sawsSeqd12dBLPFNotchPand.mp3 (431k)
Sound Clip: 3pulseSoftSyncSwept12dBNotch.mp3 (191k)
Sound Clip: 1oscBassloopFinal.mp3 (71k)
Sound Clip: 2oscPWMaFinal.mp3 (204k)
Sound Clip: 2oscPWMbfinal.mp3 (110k)
Sound Clip: 2oscSoftSync12dBHPF.mp3 (765k)
Sound Clip: 3oscSplitSeqFinal.mp3 (471k)
Sound Clip: 3sawsSoftSyncFinal.mp3 (136k)