Recording artist, composer, producer, performer and writer extordinare Jordan Rudess uses his dynamite chops and a modular to blow off the studio doors on Dream Theater's latest release: Octavarium.

Jordan's Website:
Dream Theater's Website:
Jordan's modular lead on Track 8: jordanleadt8.mp3 (800k)

Jordan's Modular Details:
Jordan's system currently consists of 4 22-space vinyl-covered portable cabinets with dual power supplies. 8 Q106 oscillators, 3 Q107 Filters, and a Q150 Ladder Filter. Also included are a pair of Q119 24-stage sequencers. A couple of Q143 Presets modules are used to ease live show patch changes. Here's a picture of Jordan's system just before shipping:

Update 8/05
The custom stage-worthy cabinets are finished. Here's a shot of them at the factory - Picture.

Here's a picture of Jordan with the new cabinets before the European tour - Picture.

And Jordan's new keyboard Tech.