John Mitchell was raised in a house where the sound of many different musical styles blended with squawks and bleeps from his father's ham radio shack, so an interest in electronic music was inevitable. Before pursuing a career in electronics and publishing many articles on analog and digital signal processing, Mitchell designed, built and even managed to sell his own electronic musical instruments. (Now that he has found his 'dream synth' at, he says he may never pick up a soldering iron again.) Mitchell's musical training includes accordion and classical pipe organ, and he owns an extensive collection of electronic music records and literature gathered since 1968. His heroes of the genre include W. Carlos, Morton Subotnick, Isao Tomita, Hans Wurman and, of course, R.A. Moog.

Bottle Tune (1.1m)
Fahrenheit 440Hz(4.2m)
Aleatoric Contest Winner

Sadly, in July 2004, John's life was cut short by an accident. He will be sorely missed.