I am a composer, performer, recording artist with experience in many styles and musical applications in various media. Electronic sound synthesis is a vital component of my composition & audio design. Early in my career I worked with analog modulars, both Moog and Arp. Once the digital era emerged as the standard for music making technology, I along with many others gradually abandoned analog. The new technology was so much easier to use. Presets were the quick solution. Then over the past few years we felt a move back to analog in the development of some new instruments & esoteric, high end recording gear. Hmm . . .

At first I thought it was simply nostalgia. I was slow to catch on to what many of my colleagues & fellow musicians had already discovered. Now, thanks to Synthesizers.Com, I've come to realize that there is enormous satisfaction in handling the physical controls of sound production & music making in all its aspects. Wow! Not only is that analog sound so REAL, but so is the physical activity of creating sound and shaping its characteristics in REAL TIME. I love it! It's fun and it inspires new music in a very different way, viscerally, 'organically'!

John Mills-Cockell (SOUND) has been creating sound design & musical scores for theatre, film, tv, radio and dance for many years. He has composed for hundreds of films, scores of plays and musicals, recently a new opera, Savitri & Samwith libretto by playwright, director Ken Gass. Its second workshop in fall of 2013 received acclaim for its powerful story, moving music, beautiful libretto and outstanding performances. His work has received the Socan award for Outstanding Contribution to Canadian Film, CFTA award for best score in a dramatic film for television, as well as nominations for Genie & Dora awards, several Canada Council Grants and BMI Best Student Composition Award. John's work has been heard in theatres across Canada including Stratford, National Arts Centre, Vancouver Playhouse, Manitoba Theatre Centre, Place des Arts, Citadel Theatre, Saint Lawrence Centre, Canadian Stage as well as many TV series, films & radio productions. He has over ten CD's and albums to his credit with a number of new compilation recordings to be released in winter of 2014-15.

Website: http://www.musicplanet.com/jmc/