John Fleck uses his multi-manufacturer ( Fooger) system principally to perform with Paul Velat in their improvisational duo Fleck/Velat. Formed in the summer of 2001, they have produced one CD so far (oddly enough entitled "Summer/Fall" 2001) and are putting the final touches on their second (which will have a more imaginative name). They perform around the Chicago area at such places as The Nervous Center, Peter Jones Gallery and Roosevelt University (where Paul and John met as students). They have also performed on the radio twice, on WLUW and WZRD. John cut his analog modular teeth on the Moog system at RU under the watchful eye of Don Malone, an influential figure on the improvisation scene in Chicago. Check our website to see what we're currently up to, see photos from our past shows and listen to a sample of our sonic doings.