Greylyng became a band in the fall of 2002, after Jeff Cedrone and John C. Miller met and composed original sounding music. On their first meeting they produced a sound which had been lacking in either of their solo works. They agreed that this music should continue.

In the beginning the intention was to be an improvisational band with an emphasis on ambient and experimental sound, but somewhere along the way that idea changed. They felt that some of their most creative improvisational moments could be worked into strong song ideas. The group focuses on songwriting by collecting those special moments of an improvisation and then fusing them together with written ideas and sonic manipulations. Even though the band concentrates on writing songs they still make room for improvisation in their live performances by either opening up sections of songs or by leaving space within in a set for a free improvisation piece or two. They feel that this a good way to keep the music fresh and the sound evolving.

Completed in the Summer of 2006, 'Oiwa', Greylyng's debut album, is a textural accomplishment with an abundance of ambience, melody, dissonance, sound design, and rock rhythms. The songs on 'Oiwa' (a vengeful, Japanese female ghost) are sure to please fans of art rock, post-rock, sonic exploration, and experimental music.

The beginning of 2007, saw the addition of drummer/percussionist Steve Zieminski. Steve, formally of the art rock band Prester John, is a veteran of the Connecticut improv scene. Jeff met Steve while the two were playing in the New Haven Improvisers Collective (NHIC). Steve's percussive talents are a perfect fit for Greylyng's ambitious sounds. He brings a unique sense of rhythm, solid timing, drive, and an uncommon ear for various percussive and ethnic instruments.

So what is a 'Greylyng' you may ask? To some it may just be a fish or some sort of alien life form, but to the musicians involved it is a series of evolving moods, emotions, and textures. It is always a work in progress.

Greylyng is:
Jeff Cedrone - guitar, keyboards, synth, loops, electronics, voice
John C. Miller - analog synths, manipulations, loops, electronics
Steve Zieminski - drums, percussion

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