Erik Norlander is a progressive rock artist whose music ranges from ambient electronic to unbridled heavy metal while all the while retaining his commitment to memorable melody, high order harmony and ever evocative and evolving timbres largely created using classic and vintage instruments. Erik has released two solo albums, "Into the Sunset" (2000) and "Threshold" (1997) in addition to producing and playing keyboards on four albums by the Los Angeles prog rock band Rocket Scientists and 13 albums by Erik's wife, symphonic rock diva Lana Lane.

Erik has also made numerous guest appearances over the years most recently including his work on the last several titles by the Dutch progressive metal project Ayreon. Erik has also worked with Keith Emerson who wrote the liner notes to his "Threshold" album. Keith's classic modular Moog system was the inspiration for Erik to start building his own modular system which is now fully operational and in constant use.

Erik's giant Moog modular system includes two Q119 Sequencers, four Q125 Signal Processors and various other modules. The entire system is mounted into a triple-wide 36RU flight case on QCR8 rack frames. Erik has toured with this system in both Europe and the United States. Just don't ask him about the cartage bills.

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