Eric Melzer is an electronic musician that decided to make the switch from traditional analog synthesizers to a modular system just as the company was getting started in June 2000. He sold most of this other synthesizers, and focused on using the modular for the majority of sounds on his songs, with some other instruments being used for some of the percussion. Current gear that is being used includes a 66 module modular system, blue Roland SH-101, Akai mpc2000xl, Digidesign Protools, Apple G4 computer, Roland RE-201 space echo, Roland Juno 1 and pg-300 programmer. The modular synthesizer also has several homemade modules including: Paia vocoder, analog snare drum, analog space drum, distortion, CV to MIDI trigger, and a 5" video monitor. The music he makes is mainly electronic pop, under the band name "norway". Norway has 2 CD's out, the first one done on roland synthesizers, and the second one done using the modular.

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