My involvement with music began at an early age and included classical piano, percussion and guitar lessons. After years of lessons (and a desire for fame and fortune), I assembled a large keyboard setup that was well suited to the progressive rock and top-40 material that my bands were performing during the 1970's and 1980's.

During the late-1970s, I studied music composition with Anthony Iannaccone at Eastern Michigan University and Ludmila Ulehla at the Manhattan School of Music. At this time I was introduced to the music of Morton Subotnick, George Crumb, Gyorgi Ligeti and Krzystof Penderecki. I also discovered the minimalist work of Steve Reich and Philip Glass, the ambient work of Robert Fripp and Brian Eno, and the aleatoric concepts embodied in the work of John Cage.

Life being what it is, I spent 20 years away from music pursuing other career interests. Sometime in 2001, I decided to build an electronic music studio and begin composing again. While researching the availability of Moog modulars, I stumbled upon a rather healthy resurgence of analog modular synthesizer manufacturers including

The classic Moog look of the modular was awe inspiring and after very positive comments regarding the sonic qualities from users, I gave up on finding an old Moog and acquired a custom 66-space system. My original system has grown into a 132-space system, consisting of, MOTM and Modcan modules. My recording gear consists of an Akai DPS24 24-track digital personal workstation and Mackie HR824 monitors.