Dana Countryman has been making music since age 16, when he first heard the Moog lp's, "The Amazing New Electronic Pop Sound of Jean Jacques Perrey", and "The Electric Eclectic's of Dick Hyman". He used to draw doodles of synthesizers during classes in high school, but it wasn't until he got his Synthesizers.com system last year that he finally got his real-life modular synth.

Dana's played in many bands over the years, and during his 15 minutes of fame, he's made TV appearances on Fox Paramount's "The Arsenio Hall Show," and A&E's "Goodtime Cafe." His most interesting TV moment was performing as a giant potato in a commercial for The American Cancer Society, for which he also wrote the 30-second jingle. Other performances found his band sharing the bill with Crystal Gayle in San Francisco, and hanging out with "Weird" Al Yankovic in Hollywood, among many other celebrities.


For 7 years, Dana was the editor and publisher of COOL AND STRANGE MUSIC MAGAZINE, which featured articles and interviews with many synthesizer greats. One of these articles sparked his re-interest in modular synthesizers, which led him to sell his magazine business and purchase a synthesizers.com QSR-44, in order to spend more time writing, arranging and recording happy, electronic music.

In the summer of 2006 he released a CD of happy electronic music, ("The Happy Electropop Music Machine" - Oglio Records) with his boyhood idol, the legendary Jean Jacques Perrey. Perrey and Countryman have performed at music festivals and clubs in England, Norway, Canada, Germany and the USA. In 2008, the duo released their CD: "Destination Space". His most recent synth CD is "Moog-Tastic!" In 2012, he and his wife Tricia released their first vocal CD, "In Harmony". Information for all of these, and samples can be found at:

When he's not tinkering in his recording studio, he can be found relaxing with his wife Tricia (a singer), and their son, Matt (a guitarist.). Dana is very happy to be a Synthesizers.com owner, and has finally filled in all blank spaces in his current modular system to complete his "dream machine."

Cocktails in Space by Dana Countryman Copyright (c) 2003, Friends/Romans Music BMI

Website: http://www.danacountryman.com