Cybertron started in mid 70's, mainly composing music for planetarium & laser-light shows; some radio & TV jingles, and many other projects. Synths used back then included: MOOG series 3-C, MOOG series 2-P, MOOG series 2-C, ARP 2500, ARP 2600, and a Mini-MOOG. Also, was a studio engineer at a state-of-the-art 24 trk. studio.

Today, I'm a proud owner of a rather large, custom-built modular analog system by, as well as Yamaha and Korg synths. I use a Yamaha AW-4416 16 trk. digital, automated mixer/recorder workstation for all recordings.

More Pictures:
   Time Machine

MP3's Made using a system:
   robotix.mp3 (452k)
   sequencerfun.mp3 (1.5m)
   ring-mod-seq.mp3 (191k)
   reverb-grind.mp3 (297k)
   moog-like-sound1.mp3 (37k)
   filter-sweeps.mp3 (601k)
   ring-mod-1.mp3 (145k)
   station-id.mp3 (147k)
   fugue-otta.mp3 (3m)