Bernd-Michael Land, born 1954, Frankfurt/Main (Germany).

My first steps started out as simple as it was: I took piano lessons and in 1969 I started playing on one of the first transistor organs.

As a keyboarder in several rock bands some synthesizers and FX were added to the set. Beside a Minimoog and ARP Odyssey I played a Fender Rhodes Piano and of course a Hammond B3. They all became my companions on uncountable live gigs.

In 1980 the time of "Krautrock" was over at least for me.

I went for the big Roland System 700 and focused on working in the studio and sound design. Commercials and jingles and video clips and (video)games were produced.

Hi-end sounds and samples are made at the Synxxs studio, still! Sounds for anyone interested (Bad Samples (Synclavier), Bionics (neuronal) but also radio and TV productions or as a job for clients.

Beside that I am on tour with Coco of "programmierte welten (programmed worlds)" for quite some years.

Together we created the "Mainhatten Hardtrance Project", and the current "Kamerun-Set", better known as "Bembeltechno" ( (bembel is a word in the local frankfurt area.. it's big mug for local alcohol "culture")

Thereminator (live)
Kamerun -da chillaz (live 2004)
Three Monkeys