WHO: John C is AVMUS. John C. is a 29 year old CT native.

WHAT: Avmus is the alter-ego of John C.. It includes several art forms; visual art including painting and screen-printing, music, and digital video. For over two years Avmus was a cable access show that aired weekly. This was a demonstration of abstract and surreal imagery with sound via digital video. Music has always been the primary focus.

WHEN: Avmus was born in the year 2000 in the city of Providence, RI. Avmus started as an easier alias to use for booking shows in the Providence area. Previously, Avmus was called Gallimimus and didn't encompass the visual side of John C. Accidental coincidence that audio-visual can be seen in A Vmus.

WHERE: The Avmus production studio is in CT. Currently the studio consists of a Korg Mono/Poly, Prophet 600, Korg Delta, SH-101, Nord Modular, and the synthesizers.com synth. Currently that consists of 3 Osc's, 3 EG's, 2 Amps, State Variable Filter, Transistor Ladder Filter, Ring Mod, S&H, Noise, Clipper, Slew, Switch, Signal Proc, and a bunch of other goodies.

WHY: John C. was always into art as a child. Studying visual art at Roger Williams University gave John C. the knowledge needed which has carried over into his music. Composition, structure, texture and movement are the key elements that make up avmus. Basically the love of sound design and programming drive avmus.

SOUND: Ultimately you have to hear it, but think of an electronic/synth driven post-rock. Some influences are Add n to (x), Boards of Canada, and Caribou.

Website: Avmus.com
Website: MySpace