TB22++, Thought Box 22-Space System

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The Thought Box TB22++ is a 22-space synthesizer with 3 oscillators, a Q960 Moog-style sequencer, and an incredible array of modules in a rugged, fold-able, patch-and-go cabinet.

The folding cabinet is built like a tank with solid wood, bedliner coated sides, and a unique latch/hinge mechanism.

TB22++ includes a QPS6+ power supply, a generous complement of color-coded, low-profile patch cables, and a protective case.

Yes, you can close the system without removing your patch.

1) Q174 MIDI Interface
1) Q175A MIDI Interface Aid with Arpeggiator, Portamento, Mults
3) Q167 Oscillator (VCO/LFO) with EGs and VCA
1) Q107A Filter (VCF)
1) Q114 Mixer++ 4-Channel and Signal Processing
1) Q157 SH++ Sample&Hold, LFO, Noise, Divider, Slew Limiter, Decay EG
1) Q148 Amplifier (VCA)
1) Q131 Blank-Single
1) Q173 Gate Math
1) Q179 Single/dual Envelopes with 4-Step Sequencer
1) Q960 Moog-Style Sequencer
1) Q962 Moog-Style Sequential Switch
1) Q171 3-Channel Quantizer

1) QCF22 22-Space Folding Cabinet

Power Supply
1) QPS6+ Power Supply for up to 33-spaces.  Includes (1) QIC-24 Cable.

Patch Cables
2) QPA 8" Low-Profile Patch Cable, Green
16) QPA 12" Low-Profile Patch Cable, Gray, blue, brn, yel, blk
8) QPA 24" Low-Profile Patch Cable, White, purple, red, blk
2) QPA 36" Low-Profile Patch Cable, Orange, blk

1) QCF-GB QCF22 Folding Cabinet Gig-Bag (Soft)