The Q130 Clipper/Rectifier Module provides both a signal rectifier and a voltage controlled clipper.
These functions have the effect of changing a waveform and its harmonic content or simply changing a control signal for use by another module.
The Clipper section of the module is used to clip off the top, bottom, or both of a waveform.
The level at which the clip occurs can be set manually with the front panel control knob or set with a voltage control signal from another module.
The amount of effect that the voltage control signal has can also be adjusted.
The Rectifier section simply takes an input and rectifies it.
This has the effect of doubling the frequency and adding harmonics to a sine wave, while turning a sawtooth wave into a triangle wave.
Both positive and negative sides are available simultaneously.
Patch the two sections together to create completely new types of waveforms.

Q130 Clipper/Rectifier

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